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How to Look Amazing in M.M. When You’re 5’2″ and Under

December 06, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

If you were to poll the members of the M.M. Styling Team (aka the lovely humans who help you out when you email, chat, text, or call M.M.’s customer service), I guarantee they’d all tell you the same thing: The request we get most often is for more petite-friendly options. And yet, when I look around the office on any given day, I can’t help but notice that my petite coworkers are not only incredibly well dressed, but also—you guessed it—decked out in head-to-toe M.M. I am, admittedly, 5’5”, so in my quest to unlock the secrets behind the impeccably dressed M.M. petite, I turned to M.M.’s brand stylist, Nyjerah Cunningham, and two of my ultra-stylish teammates who work in our Bryant Park Showroom: Ismelka Gomez and Joanna Puccio (both of whom are 5’2”). Read on to learn how they make M.M. work for petite frames (and give me major outfit envy on a regular basis).

Try an Unexpected Pairing

If you self-identify as petite, there’s a solid chance you instinctively shy away from longer layers—especially when they’re as attention-grabbing as the intricately designed Carmen jacket. Shy away no more! A tailored jacket like the Carmen adds definition to a loose-fitting shift dress like the Maaza, which stops it from feeling overwhelming. A pro tip from Ismelka: “If you tend to struggle with shift dresses (think: the Maaza, Doris, and Marilyn dresses), try adding a belt to reduce volume and length.”

Play with Proportion

Advice you never thought you’d hear when it comes to dressing for work: Embrace the crop. No, I’m not talking about rolling up to the office in cutoffs and a crop top (which sounds like a stress dream I’ve definitely had). I’m talking about harnessing the power of strategic layering to maximize your wardrobe possibilities. Case in point: the Arbus sweater, which is your ticket to pulling off elongating, midi-length styles like the Gwen dress. As Nyjerah explains, “The shorter sweater breaks up the dress’s long silhouette, which keeps you looking proportional and makes your legs look longer.” It also doesn’t hurt that these pieces are comfortable enough to snooze in.

Keep It Tucked and Tailored

Before you decide something doesn’t work for you, try tucking it in. As Joanna says, “Tucking is my savior. Since I’m petite and have a straight body type, tucking gives me a bit more shape and helps define my proportions.” If you’re putting together an outfit, Nyjerah recommends starting with tailored pieces that you can build on, like the Celeste top and Crosby skirt. Once you have a solid base to work with, use accessories—a belt, a sweater draped over your shoulders, a faux fur stole (we see you)—to make it your own.

Embrace Volume and Length

That being said, there’s no reason to fear long or oversized styles like the Dougherty coat. In the wise words of Nyjerah: “Don’t shy away from volume—master it!” As a general rule of thumb, choose one oversized statement piece per outfit, then pair it with fitted styles (tucking helps, too) to balance things out. When your heart tells you to “Go long!” (yes, that’s a football reference, and yes, I regret it), opt for a shoe with a heel to balance the length of the hem.

Final words of wisdom: Rules are meant to be broken, and if you feel great wearing it, you should.

Photos by Yan Ruan. 

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham, assisted by Sam Michel.

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