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The One Item That Cured My Decision Fatigue

2020 is full of too-big choices. What you wear doesn’t have to be one of them.

By Madeleine Kim

Lately, I’ve been having trouble making decisions. Choices that used to be easy (like whether to see a friend on her birthday, or even which mode of transportation to use to get there) now have incredibly high stakes, and these days, decision anxiety is a regular part of my life. So, when it comes to selecting my outfit each day, I don’t really have the energy.

Given that I’m fortunate enough to be working from home right now, the most obvious solution would be to simply not choose an outfit and wear pajamas all day. But as anyone who’s worked remotely knows (and The Wall Street Journal confirms), that’s not a sustainable fix. For the sake of my mental health, if nothing else, I have to wear real clothes.

Enter the Colby joggers. (*Hold for applause.*) I got these pants in February, back when I was still going to the office, and I liked them—but I had no idea how much I’d come to rely on them in the months that followed. They’re the perfect pants for decision fatigue, because there are no downsides to choosing them. Thanks to the elastic waistband, I’ve comfortably worn them to watch Netflix after eating pasta for both lunch and dinner. I’ve worn them while sitting cross-legged with a dog on my lap, because they’re relaxed enough through the legs that I don’t feel like I’m stretching out the knees. I’ve worn them to Citibike around the park, because they’re machine-washable and tapered enough not to interfere with the bike chain. I’ve worn them on a date, because they make me feel (and look) stylish and confident. I’ve pulled them on before rushing out the door, because they don’t wrinkle, no matter how hastily they’ve been stuffed into their compact storage bag.

When in doubt, I wear my Colby joggers—which means that during quarantine, I’ve worn them at least three times a week. And needless to say, my go-to pairings are starting to feel a little tired. I wanted to switch things up (without having to make any big decisions, of course), so I called on M.M. stylist Joanna to put together some options using pieces I already own. Here are the cold-weather looks I’ll be using to conquer decision fatigue—at least when it comes to my outfits.

The Chill but Not Chilly Look

My favorite work-from-home spot is my tiny kitchen table, next to a window that overlooks a tree I’ve gotten to know well over the past seven months. While it’s excellent for long, wistful stares, my window is less accomplished at keeping out the cold when the temperature drops below 65. Luckily, Joanna’s first recommended pairing—the Axam or Marcia T-shirt tucked into the Colby joggers—is polished, cozy, and easy to layer with something like the Morandi sweater when I need that extra warmth. I never feel fully dressed without earrings, so I like to add the Claressa hoops in gold to complement the warm palette.

The Surprisingly Chic Sweatshirt Look

Our customers often say that wearing M.M. is like wearing armor, and for me, there’s no piece that better embodies that sentiment than the Para sweatshirt. I put it on, and I feel instantly chic. It’s the kind of piece that makes my messy ponytail look like a playfully styled updo. That, and it’s never wrinkled (are you sensing a theme here?). So, I was excited when Joanna recommended pairing it with my joggers—French tucked, to give the outfit some shape. I wore the outfit to walk my dog earlier today, and I’m still wearing it as I write this. My birthday is later this month, and I’ll be buying myself the Para sweatshirt in silver to create a glitzy, holiday version of my beloved go-to outfit.

The Layered Weekend Look

The Dougherty is a coat, but it’s also the C.O.A.T. (Coziest! Of! All! Time!). While I usually wear mine as a desk sweater, Joanna rightly pointed out that it’s ideal for dressing down the Colbys on weekends. These pieces, plus the Pima cotton Paige T-shirt, kept me comfy during a Sunday afternoon picnic in the park, which is one of, like, three activities I do these days. When it gets even colder, I’ll layer in our new cashmere Judith hoodie and pop on the Circle Cable beanie.

The Excuse to Get Dressed Up Look

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gone to a restaurant during quarantine. So when my boyfriend and I did take date night outside of the apartment the other evening, there was just cause to get dressed up. Joanna’s suggested outfit—the Giulia top tucked into my Colby pants, topped by the Scotte jacket—hit all the marks for me. The sleek Giulia top gives off elevated evening-wear vibes, while the Colby jogger keeps things casual (I live in Brooklyn, after all). And, as Joanna notes, saddle and olive are a match made in heaven. I finished the outfit with my gold Luna hoops and Lana boots, which were comfortable enough for the ¾-mile trek to our favorite pizza spot.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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