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6 Unexpected Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

Our jumpsuit is full of hidden talents. Here’s how to make the most of them.

By Madeleine Kim

June 18, 2020

By popular demand, we recently designed our first-ever jumpsuit. The result? A V-neck, wide-legged, machine-washable beauty named Demi (available in black and dove). If you’re one of the many customers who requested an M.M. jumpsuit, excellent call. We love the Demi because it’s like a dress, only for pants people: You can just throw it on, and you’re ready to go—no styling necessary. But if you stopped there, you’d be missing out. Here are six unexpected ways to make the most of your jumpsuit.


The Luxurious Loungewear Look

An underrated fact about jumpsuits: They don’t have waistbands, which makes them more comfortable than many of their leg-covering cousins (…pants). For a cozy, work-from-home-ready ensemble, layer the sumptuous Nancy sweater over the Demi jumpsuit in crosshatch, which is like the fabric version of a summer breeze, if summer breezes were machine-washable.


The Tied-Up T-Shirt Look

The Demi jumpsuit has an alter ego: culottes! But because it’s, you know, a jumpsuit, it can do things that your culottes can’t. For one, a jumpsuit provides a perfect opportunity to wear a crop top without feeling too exposed. Try layering with a T-shirt like the Alina, and knot the hem to give your look a (literal) twist.



The Casual Outing Look

What’s chicer than a summer jumpsuit? A summer jumpsuit topped by a sharp vest. A light-neutral palette makes your outfit look extra sophisticated, while fresh sneakers keep it feeling relaxed. Wear this tonal look for your next outing—whether you’re headed to a socially-distanced dinner or one of those drive-by birthday parties (just make sure to take a selfie first, so everyone can appreciate your look).


The Shirt-as-Jacket Look

This outfit is simple—but so cool. Wearing it will make you feel like the kind of person who can drink espresso at 10pm and still sleep like a baby, even if you’re more of a chamomile gal. A solid-colored jumpsuit plus a contrasting layer equals a column outfit, which has an elongating effect. (Translation: It gives you legs for days.) Cuff the sleeves of your button-down to give the outfit extra definition. (I’ll spare you the cliché joke about rolling up your sleeves to “get down to business.”)


The Chic Layered Look

Whether you’re looking for more coverage or just want to switch things up, remember that you can add layers under your jumpsuit as well as over it. A crew-neck tank top like the Paige is an ideal companion for the V-neck Demi jumpsuit. Try this layered look to make your jumpsuit feel a bit more casual, and tie the Nancy sweater around your waist to complete the tonal ensemble.



The Cool-Girl Suiting Look

The Demi jumpsuit features a wide-legged cut that gives it automatic cool-girl vibes. Just add a menswear-inspired belt and something with lapels—such as our stretchy Merritt jardigan—for a casual take on suiting. This outfit may be neutral, but it has a point of view. In other words, it contains multitudes—just like you.


Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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