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Meet the Stretchy Jeans That Perfectly Encapsulate Power Casual

Plus, comfy yet polished outfit ideas for all seven colors.

By Madeleine Kim

If I had to use two words to sum up M.M.LaFleur today, they would be Power Casual. Power Casual is a way of dressing that we define as the clothing equivalent of work-life balance—outfits that are polished without feeling stuffy and always comfortable. When you wear Power Casual, you should never feel overdressed or underdressed, no matter where you go. 

The boundaries between work and life have melded and morphed over the past few years in ways we never could have anticipated. But the magic of M.M. is that our clothing has always been designed with balance in mind, whether that shows up in jackets that stretch like cardigans or elegant occasion dresses that you can toss in the washing machine. 

Few products better embody that sense of balance than the Hockley jeans, made from a Turkish two-way stretch cotton that we call Better Than Denim. These jeans have the structured look of classic denim, but—as the fabric name would suggest—they’re better. In fact, they’re so comfortable that one customer recently admitted to napping in them. 

But despite their legions of loyal fans and many five-star reviews, the Hockley jeans are occasionally overlooked in favor of the ultra-popular Foster pants. While these two styles look quite similar online, anyone who’s tried them on will tell you that each style serves its own unique purpose. Our Director of CRM, Alexa, has actually found that the Foster pants aren’t right for her, but when she got her first pair of Hockleys, it was love at first try-on. “I’m obsessed with the Hockley jeans and own them in three colors, because they are simply the perfect pants,” she says. “The fabric has all the stretch and machine-washability of your jeans, but with less bagging and wrinkling, so it travels better and looks much more put-together. The hidden snap in the hem lets me self-adjust the length, so I can wear them with any shoe and don’t need to go to the tailor. I have literally stopped buying jeans, because these pants double beautifully for work and weekend and are just more comfortable.”

Alexa had no problem drafting a love letter to the Hockley jeans.

Basically, this is a pair of pants that everyone should try at least once. Or, to borrow the words of one of our customers, “This may be the greatest pant since the invention of butts.” Here are Power Casual outfits to try, featuring all seven colors of the Hockley jeans.


The Hockley Jeans in Tusk

Balance your Hockley jeans with an ultra-luxurious plush cashmere turtleneck and some sleek knit booties for an elevated yet cozy outfit.

Shop similar styles: the Choe top, Lagarde shirt, Hockley jeans, and Koio sneakers.


The Hockley Jeans in Cool Charcoal

Complement cool charcoal with a patterned, knit top like the Choe, then wear the Lagarde shirt as a jacket to complete the Power Casual ensemble.


The Hockley Jeans in Ink

Go for an academic look by layering the Lagarde shirt (buttoned all the way up) underneath the cashmere Ollie sweater. Pair this duo with the Hockley jeans in ink for an unexpected neutral palette.


The Hockley Jeans in Rosewood

The Hockley jean in rosewood looks great with ivory, beige, brown, and navy. For a chic Power Casual outfit, try the Hockleys with the Elizabeth top, the Yiyan blazer, and the Grace loafers.


The Hockley Jeans in Hemlock

The Hockley jeans in hemlock pair beautifully with our playful Sahara print. Try the washable silk Tatum shirt under the textured Caro cardigan for a cozy, dimensional look.


The Hockley Jeans in Fawn

Try pairing deep reds or chocolate browns with light neutrals like fawn to create a fall-ready look that you could also wear year-round. Bold gold earrings and knit boots complete this easy yet sharp outfit.


The Hockley Jeans in Black

Create a streamlined column look by pairing your black Hockley jeans with the black Elizabeth top. The O’Hara blazer in plaid serves as the focal point of the outfit, while the Koio sneakers keep things casual.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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