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Impressive Dressumé: 6 Work Dresses with Their Career Highlights

January 18, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

Little-known fact: When we opened our proverbial doors (i.e., website) in 2013, we launched with just seven dresses. Since then, we’ve added hundreds of products to our collection; but this month, in honor of our fifth birthday, we’re revisiting our roots. Our new collection, The Comeback, is a celebration of our classic work dresses, now in updated fits and fabrics.

Below, we celebrate six classic work dresses whose careers are so illustrious, they even have their own resumés—or as we like to call them: dressumés.

The Niko

classic work dresses

Adriana, designer, wears the Niko dress in stripe.

Class of: 2013
Named after: One of our early collaborators
Professional summary: A trailblazer that proves wrap dresses can be secure (no wardrobe malfunctions on record), while still looking laidback.
Skills: Relaxed sleeves for office-appropriate coverage. Authoritative pinstripes. Machine washable.
Work Experience: Has been worn to negotiate multi-million-dollar deals and successfully defend dissertations.

The Jina

classic work dresses

Chell, customer logistics analyst, wears the Jina dress in chocolate and the Vanessa pump in black.

Class of: 2013
Named after: Our very first intern
Professional summary: A versatile shift that proves structure and softness can coexist.
Skills: Deep pockets. Contrast stitching for visual impact. Hip-flattering pleats.
Work Experience: Has been worn by one journalist to interview business luminaries and A-list celebrities. “I wear it whenever I interview someone because it’s chic and streamlined, without distracting from the conversation.”

The Akiko

classic work dresses

Christine, designer, wears the Akiko dress and the Vanessa pump in black.

Class of: 2013
Named after: A longtime customer (who may still hold the record for the most MM-filled closet)
Professional summary: A double-threat that combines an elegant jersey top with a tailored wool skirt.
Skills: Full sleeves for coziness. A discreet side pocket to hold essentials. Noteworthy day-to-night versatility.
Work Experience: Has conveyed authority and confidence at countless presentations. Proven track record of networking over cocktails and sealing deals over dinner.

The Etsuko

classic work dresses

Hanna, senior service excellence associate, wears the Etsuko dress in rainforest and the Vanessa pump in black.

Class of: 2014
Named after: Our co-founder and designer’s mother
Professional summary: Known among customers as the “Monday Morning Savior.” Beat out stiff competition to become best-selling dress in MM’s history. Works well with a broad range of body types.
Skills: Travels effortlessly. Discreet pockets. Machine washable.
Work Experience: Sold out immediately upon initial release and has been re-stocked over 25 times since. Was worn by one customer to her company’s IPO, and by another to officiate a friend’s wedding.

The Narie

classic work dresses

Hanna, senior service excellence associate, wears the Narie dress in chocolate.

Class of: 2012 (we started selling this one to friends before we even had a website!)
Named after: One of our co-founders
Professional summary: A member of our “original seven,” this dress pioneered the “notched neckline” category of dresses.
Skills: Impressive stretch and flexibility under pressure. Extensive international travel experience; moves seamlessly between cultures and climates.
Work Experience: A favorite of professionals from Paris to Tokyo. Has been worn to deliver countless keynote addresses.

The Emma

classic work dresses

Bianca, stylist, wears the Emma dress in pine.

Class of: 2013
Named after: Our founder’s sister
Professional summary: The consummate power dress, this work of architecture is equal parts sculptural and functional.
Skills: Machine washable. Provides both structure and stretch. Defines the waist, but still lets you breathe. (Breathing is key.)
Work Experience: Has argued numerous cases in court (often alongside the Sant Ambroeus jardigan—a longtime collaborator) and made countless board presentations.

Ready to hire one of these dresses? Shop The Comeback here.

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Tory Hoen is the author of the novel The Arc. She spent five years as the Creative Director of Brand at M.M.LaFleur (where she founded The M Dash!) and has written for New York Magazine, Vogue Fortune, Bon Appétit, and Condé Nast Traveler. Read more of Tory's posts.

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