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The Best Pants for When You’re In-Between Sizes

Fluctuating between sizes is a totally normal part of life, so there’s no reason to be stuck wearing uncomfortable pants.

By Emma Steinbergs

Potential (and understandable) scenarios: thanks to your new bread-making skills, you’ve put on a few quarantine-induced pounds; you’re more lean after the Tokyo Olympics inspired you to train for a triathlon (you got this!); you just had a baby (an Olympic feat in and of itself). Definite truth: your body changes from time to time. And since the M.M. team has spent the past year and a half thinking about adaptability, we have no shortage of advice to share when it comes to dressing for an evolving body. 

Most recently, we’ve had pants on our minds (hello, fall collection!), and because struggling to find well-fitting pants is kind of the worst, we decided to compile our favorite styles to wear when you find yourself in between sizes.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here’s the gist of what you want to look for in a fluctuation-friendly pant: stretchy or knit material, an elastic waistband, a relaxed fit, or a wide leg. If you’re lucky enough to find a pant with more than one of these characteristics, well, then more power (and comfort) to you. Keep reading to see which size-versatile style speaks to you.

Stretchy Pants

We love the Stella leggings for obvious reasons: they’re stretchy but polished, leggings but pant-like, form-fitting but flexible. Pair the Stellas with our pima cotton tees while working from home or running errands, and toss on a boyfriend blazer like the O’Hara for a chill, office-appropriate look. If you want more of a trouser, opt for the Milo jeans, which come in our stretchy Better-Than-Denim fabric and feel better than any jeans we’ve encountered.

Knit Pants

There’s nothing quite like the knit Rogala culotte. They’re essentially the pant version of our jardigans, which encapsulate the best of both worlds: cardigan-like comfort and jacket-like formality. If you’re working from home or want to venture out in a cool-girl casual look, go with the terry Joni joggers, which are anti-sweats sweats (read: comfortable but not slouchy).

Elastic-Waist Pants

Elastic waists aren’t just for toddlers and tracksuits. As long as they’re covert in design, elastic waistbands can be chic and work wonders for your comfort—whether you’re working from home, settling into a long flight, or dressing for during pregnancy or postpartum. Made from our OrigamiTech fabric, the Colby pant does a fantastic job of providing stretch at the waist, flexibility throughout the legs, and a streamlined silhouette. If you want to lean into the activewear vibes, stick with OrigamiTech, but go for our front-tie Delaney joggers.

Relaxed Pants

Our newest suiting trouser, the Steinway pant, is cut with a relaxed leg and made from machine-washable wool twill. This fashion-forward silhouette is one of our best suiting options if you’re having trouble finding impeccably tailored trousers that fit how they’re supposed to. Likewise, our Hadley pant offers ample room throughout the hips and leg, and our tall customers appreciate the longer inseam.

Wide-Legged Pants

A classic black culotte is one of the most reliable types of pants you can own. It stands out as subtly dramatic and on-trend, yet is ultimately simple and timeless. If you tend to fluctuate around your midsection and thighs, the Zhou culotte will become your best friend. Pair with a relaxed sweater, and you have yourself an effortlessly chic ensemble with just the right amount of wiggle room. If you prefer a full-length pant, choose the equally wide-legged Wesley lounger instead.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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