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8 Autumn Obsessions

October 18, 2013

Tiny White Daisies

Even if you didn’t grow up raking fallen leaves and swigging apple cider, nearly everyone seems ready to get on board with what I like to call the “cult of fall.” It’s that phenomenon that causes us to psychologically (or sometimes literally) curl up into a ball and grab for the nearest woolen object or pumpkin-flavored drink.

The Onion’s Mr. Autumn Man pretty much nails what this season is all about: plaids, cozy sweaters, butternut squash, and pretty much anything orange. And you know what? This is one trend I am willing to embrace with reckless enthusiasm. Below, a few of the reasons why autumn in New York (or anywhere, really) is just so irresistible.

Apple picking, obviously:

Ann Street Studio

Pumpkin spice pancakes:

Melanie Makes

A plethora of cozy wool blankets:

ACD’s (apple-cider doughnuts):

Real fires in real fire places:

Sweater weather:

Tiny White Daisies

Crunchy, fallen leaves:

Carin Olsson

And last but not least, one of fall’s greatest gifts: butternut-squash ravioli with sage browned butter.

Jenny Steffens

Have a lovely fall weekend!

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