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5 Things That Make Us Muse

September 13, 2013

With MM.LaFleur‘s recent shoot wrapped (see above for a sneak peek!) and New York Fashion Week winding down, we are beyond ready for the weekend. Below, some dreamy images to kick things off.

Hoping my Sunday morning will look something like Slim Aarons’ photo of Renata Boeck at the Regency Hotel in 1964—monocle and all:

Wouldn’t mind hitting the road for this Massachusetts hideout:

Via Cabin Porn

Obscenely delicious-looking Fleur de Sel caramels from Not So Humble Pie:

Now that’s a braid party:

Photographer Katherine Wolkoff’s sweet photos of deer beds (yep, that’s where a deer sleeps):

Enjoy the weekend, dear readers!

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