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7 Dresses for Everybody

September 12, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

As much as we’d love to believe The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was real, we know enough about clothes to know that it’s pretty impossible for one pair of jeans to perfectly fit four different women. But 7 dresses? That’s another story. 

Our 7 dresses were designed to fit different shapes, styles, and personalities. Want proof? We had 7 M.M. employees take them for a spin.


The Marilyn Dress in Sharkskin

Recommended Body Shapes: Straight, Oval, Heart, Maternity

“I sleep until the last possible second and get dressed in the dark,” says Aneka, who is out the door in less than 30 minutes each morning. The Marilyn dress is her go-to, because it’s easily dressed up or down and doesn’t require any extra work.


Casey wears the Evelyn dress in violet and the Ponza earrings.

The Evelyn Dress in Violet

Recommended Body Shapes: Pear, Hourglass, Heart, Maternity

Casey loves a morning workout class almost as much as she loves a pop of color. For her, the Evelyn dress is perfect because it’s just stretchy enough to move freely in, but looks polished enough for a trip to the museum on the weekends.


The Jaycie Dress in Sharkskin

Recommended Body Shapes: Pear, Hourglass, Heart

Christina is the type of woman who gets shit done. She’s up early in the morning, powering through emails, and still has enough energy to hit up her favorite boxing class after work. She loves the one-two-punch of the Jaycie dress because it’s tough but feminine, and most importantly, it has pockets.

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Nyjerah wears the Maaza dress in violet, the Moreland jacket, and the Zelda boot.

The Maaza Dress in Violet

Recommended Body Shapes: Straight, Oval, Heart

“Mornings are my favorite part of the day, because I love the process of styling myself (hair, makeup, clothes, etc.),” says Nyjerah. For her, the Maaza dress, even in a bright violet color, provides a blank canvas she can play with and accessorize as much as she wants.


Katie wears the Farnoosh dress in brick red, and the Ginger pump.

The Farnoosh Dress in Brick Red

Recommended Body Shapes: Oval, Hourglass, Heart, Maternity

Katie is pregnant with her first child and wants to show off her bump while also scheduling in some necessary me-time. The Farnoosh dress is stretchy and bump-accommodating, making it the perfect choice for an expectant mom…or any gal who just ate a big burrito.


Stepheny wears the Novara dress in spruce and the Ginger pump. She’s surrounded by the Ginger pump, the Lillian pump, and the Grace loafer.

The Novara Dress in Spruce

Recommended Body Shapes: Pear, Straight

Stepheny is always up for an adventure—especially when it comes to mixing and matching shoes and accessories. The Novara is an obvious choice for her, because it fits like a glove, allows her to play with as many shoe options as she likes, and can easily take her from one exciting place to the next. (Also: pockets!)


The Greenlay Dress in Tangerine

Recommended Body Shapes: Straight, Hourglass, Heart, Maternity

If Kartinah has a random day off (unlikely), you can find her at a bookstore browsing new releases and then reading in the park with a “cheeky glass of wine.” The Greenlay dress has the elegance and ease required for an afternoon of aimlessly meandering around town or, more frequently, squashing that to-do list.

Styling by Nyjerah Cunningham. Photos by Takahiro Ogawa.

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