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10 Gifts to Buy Yourself This Year

From buttery soft scarves to conversation-starting jewelry.

By Madeleine Kim

The holidays are almost here. The person who most deserves an amazing gift this year? Ellen Kalish, the woman who rehabilitated the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree owl. But second on the list is you. In all seriousness, it’s been an incredibly tough year for everyone, and the fact that you made it through is cause enough for celebration. Regardless of your usual gifting strategy, we firmly believe you should find a way to treat yourself this holiday season—whether that means going all in on a new wardrobe, taking yourself on a solo date, or simply baking a batch of your favorite cookies. Should you want to gift yourself some M.M., here are the 10 items we recommend.


A Bit of Wearable Butter

The Felted scarf (currently on sale!) has everything you could want in a winter accessory: it’s incredibly soft and warm, it pairs well with most coats, and it’s wide enough to double as a wearable blanket. The chartreuse color is an M.M. employee favorite, because it looks great with all neutrals. Gift yourself the Felted scarf if you plan to enjoy some al fresco hot chocolate dates this winter.


A Jewelry Set You’ll Wear Constantly

If you’re a regular M Dash reader, you’ve probably noticed that we tend to style the Claressa hoops and Claressa necklace with just about everything—and that’s because they look great with just about everything. When paired with formal pieces, they make your entire outfit cooler. When paired with casual pieces, they help to elevate your ensemble. The earrings and necklace are part of a gift set, so you’ll unlock savings when you buy them together. Gift yourself the Claressa jewelry set if you’ve been searching for go-to pieces with personality.


A Tank Top That Has Your Back (and Your Bra Straps)

A white tank top may seem like a boring gift, like socks or a toothbrush, but once you try the Peggy top, you’ll realize it’s anything but basic (also, I kind of love getting socks for Christmas). Made from our comfy, machine-washable 365Knit fabric, the Peggy is perfect for when you don’t know what to wear, because it always looks good. Plus, lingerie snaps mean your bra straps will stay out of sight. Gift yourself the Peggy top if you’re looking to upgrade your everyday pieces.


A Stocking Stuffer That Protects Your Stockings

Though not exactly exciting, The Laundress Mesh Bags will help protect all the gorgeous new M.M. pieces on your wishlist this year. With these bags, you can toss your delicates into the washing machine without worrying about snags or tangles—which leaves you more time to think about what you’re going to wear for your virtual gift swap. Gift yourself The Laundress Mesh Bags if you expect to receive some presents worth protecting.


An Outfit That Will Outshine the Tinsel

Speaking of virtual gift swaps, I know exactly what I’ll be wearing for mine: the Para pullover and Harlem skirt in silver knit (buy them as a set to save!). I love that these pieces are simultaneously casual and festive—casual thanks to the Para’s relaxed fit, festive due to the shimmery silver threads woven into the stretchy fabric. For everyday wear, I pair the Para with my Colby joggers and the Harlem with a T-shirt. Gift yourself this glitzy ensemble if you could use a little sparkle in your life.


A Business Card Case with a Backstory

Our embossed lizard business card case is sleek, professional, and the ideal size to bring on the go. But my favorite thing about it is that it was born of a happy accident. When we finished manufacturing some of our shoes a few years back, we had a bit of ultra luxurious Italian leather left over. Rather than let it go to waste, we turned it into these card cases, perfect for holding business cards, credit cards, and pocket-sized portraits of your dog. Gift yourself this card case if you love a good comeback story.


Just a Really, Really Great T-Shirt

If you’ve never owned a really nice white cotton T-shirt (I hadn’t until we released the Leslie tee), let me tell you: it’s a game changer. A crisp ivory T-shirt looks great with everything—especially if you have one that fits well and looks polished—and I’ve worn mine with everything from a denim miniskirt to a suit. But versatility aside, I love the Leslie T-shirt because it’s just so comfortable, thanks to super-soft Peruvian Pima cotton. Gift yourself the Leslie T-shirt if you don’t already own it (or even if you do—it’s worth owning two).


Joggers That Look Like Trousers

The future is uncertain, and personally, I’ve been in this weird, in-between space where I can’t decide if I should be shopping for real clothes or doubling down on matching pajama sets. If you’re in the same boat, I highly recommend the Colby joggers, which offer the best of both worlds (decision fatigue, be gone!). These wrinkle-free pants have an elastic waistband and easy, comfortable fit, but they look like polished trousers. Also, when I stuff them into their packable bag (sold separately) and wedge them into my drawer, where they take up almost no space, I feel like I’m getting away with something. Gift yourself the Colby joggers if you’re suffering from decision paralysis.


Earrings That Start Conversations

I was trying to decide whether I should describe the Fia earrings as “bold” or “delicate,” but then I realized that they’re actually both. These fashion-forward studs swoop around your earlobes to give the appearance of slightly off-kilter hoops. As a woman of many piercings, I like to wear them in my second or third hole for an ear cuff kind of vibe. Gift yourself the Fia earrings if you want to make a subtle statement.


A Cashmere Set to Make Your Hygge Dreams Come True

Our cozy cashmere scarf, hat, and gloves were designed to keep you toasty as you venture out into the cold—but we also very much support wearing them inside, with a cup of tea, as you stare at a crackling fire and pretend you’re in a log cabin. Bonus: if you buy all three pieces together, you’ll unlock a discount. Gift yourself the cozy cashmere accessory set if you need some hygge—or a hug.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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