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9 Team Members on Their Unique Work Superpowers

February 23, 2018 | Filed in: Humans of MM

There are the skills everyone knows you need to succeed at work: organization, initiative, communication. And then there are the skills that set you apart from everyone else—the ones that only you bring to the table, that give you an extra boost of power in your office, and that are often highly specific to your industry. In honor of our new business formal collection, also designed to give you an edge at the office, we had nine team members share the work superpowers that are unique to them (and to MM). Ponder these unusual skills—perhaps while you hunt for a new power piece—and tell us about your own work superpowers in the comments.

1. Build Relationships from the Grounds Up

“My superpower is cultivating B2B relationships. That is, barista to barista (I’m great at talking my way into free coffee).”

—Jonny, Resource Planning Associate

2. Add Caloric Value

“I’ve mastered the art of anticipating the snack needs of my co-workers. Does Janna have three conference calls in a row today? Teddy Grahams, coming right up. Is Tricia having a long morning? Crackers and hummus to the rescue!”

—Jessie, Stylist

3. Utilize Multi-level Thinking

“There are only so many hours in the day, so I like to combine tasks when I can. I used to have touch-base meetings at the tops of ladders while screwing in lightbulbs. No time to waste.”

—Caroline, Visual Merchandising Director

4. Embrace the Heavy Lift

“Having assisted with many a photoshoot, I’ve mastered the art of lugging numerous chock-full garment bags from location to location. My arms have never been stronger.”

—Alex, Brand Associate

5. Be a Role Model

“I am the master of inspiring lunch envy in other people. The one meal that works every time is a grain bowl topped with tons of roast vegetables. The more pops of color, the more jealousy (now that I think about it, this might be an evil superpower).”

—Caroline, Senior Marketing Associate

6. Chime in Often

“I have supersonic hearing (I’ve been known to scoot my chair across the room to answer someone’s question) when it comes to any topic I might be able to help with. Anytime I hear ‘401k,’ ‘vacation policy,’ or ‘dress code,’ my ears perk right up, and I have a surplus of random facts at the ready.”

—Jessica, HR Coordinator

7. Dive in to New Projects

“Some might not call this a superpower, but I have an uncanny ability to injure myself on the job. Once, while building a bookshelf in the office, I tripped and fell face-first into a ladder, concussing myself in the process. The warehouse team subsequently bought me a helmet.”

—Emily, Manager, Internal Communications & Learning

8. Embrace Competition

“I can assemble or disassemble a rolling rack or floor lamp in record time; it’s basically an Olympic sport on the pop-up team. I’d say I have at least a silver medal in it.”

—Taylor, Stylist 

9. End the Day with a Clean Slate

“My unique work superpower is doing the dishes in the office kitchen at the end of the day. I know they get left behind because people are hurrying to meetings or are on tough deadlines, and  I like doing it because it gives me a moment to myself to breathe—and I know there are days my colleagues help me out in ways I’m too busy to see.”

—Sarah Kate, Stylist

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