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The Woman Behind the Dress: Meet the Flowy, “Not Too Serious” Hanna

July 15, 2016

Here at MM, we name our dresses after employees (or, in some cases, our moms, sisters, grandmothers, and even customers), which occasionally causes light confusion.

Masha: “Annie, are you wearing the Emily in truffle?”
Emily: [Looks up from laptop, takes out earbuds] “What? A waffle?”
Masha: “Oh, sorry. I wasn’t talking about you.

Ideally, one’s namesake dress fits perfectly in body, soul, and spirit, and that’s very much the case for Hanna Freedlund, MM’s brilliant Coordinator of Offline Retail. See for yourself:

Hanna Freedlund

Hanna in the Hanna.

About Hanna

Raised in Massachusetts, Hanna is the doyenne of MM’s pop-up shops; when she’s not on the road spreading the MM gospel, she lives in Manhattan. Prior to MM, she worked with children with special needs in Boston. She is also an excellent singer.

About the Hanna Dress

In the spring of 2015, the dress gods—a.k.a. Miyako Nakamura, MM’s Creative Director—smiled upon Hanna, and a swishy, stretchy, pleasantly flouncy wrap dress was born from a (very luxurious) primordial soup of Italian knit crêpe. This summer, the Hanna dress got a few updates based on customer feedback (we loosened the armholes and tweaked the sash placement) and became the Hanna 2.0, now flying off the shelves in black and lilac.

Hanna on the Hanna

In Hanna’s own words: “I love that the Hanna is flowy, airy, and not too serious. I can style it differently based on my mood, so it gets a ton of use. I wear it in various colors to almost all of my summer weddings. I also love to wear it on airplanes because I look put-together but can curl up in it during the flight without having to tug at the hem at all.”

Even more high praise: “If I could put one celebrity in this dress, it would be Kate Winslet, because I love her. But also because it’s a great dress for curvy women, and she’s stunning.”

And, last but not least: “If my dress had a nickname, it would be Comfy McFlowy.”

Hanna Freedlund

Isn’t it great when a dress just gets you?

Photos by Frances F. Denny.

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