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Women in Tech: Top 10 Wardrobe Staples For The Workplace

June 04, 2016

The media will tell you “workplaces are becoming more casual,” while pointing to Mark Zuckerberg’s notorious gray T-shirt. Frankly, we’re tired of Mark Zuckerberg’s T-shirt; we’re much more interested in Sheryl Sandberg’s style choices. As we noted in our recent article about office dress codes, Sandberg likely has the same sartorial freedom as Zuckerberg, and yet she opts for a much more elegant look. At MM, we know that this discrepancy doesn’t apply only to C-level executives. Many women in tech choose to look more polished than their male counterparts, and these are the 10 MM.LaFleur pieces they buy again and again.

1. The Sharp-but-not-too-sharp Blazer (The Woolf)

Showing up in a suit is one way to get laughed out of many Silicon Valley meetings; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for an out-of-nowhere meeting with a visiting exec. This clever jardigan deftly walks the line between structure (it looks like a jacket) and softness (it’s technically a knit). Keep it in your desk drawer (it’s wrinkle-resistant), and throw it on when you need to look presentable to the world outside your startup.

2. The Go-everywhere Belted Dress (The Etsuko)

wardrobe staples for lawyers

The belted Etsuko dress in black.

A machine-washable wonder that flatters nearly everyone, this belted dress is a wardrobe workhorse that always looks on point. Wear it to work, an upcoming conference, or your next business trip—or be like one of our customers and take your company public in it.

3.  The Zero-stress Dress (The Emily)

A fuss-free, machine-washable dress that requires minimal styling? Yes, please. This easy A-line is quicker to put on than a T-shirt and jeans, but so much more elegant.

4. The Work-to-cocktails Dress (The Lydia)

women in finance

The Lydia dress in cinder.

This simple sheath is truly up for anything. It’s soft and stretchy enough to handle your morning commute; polished enough for whatever your workday throws at you; and when cocktail hour rolls around, you’ll already be dressed for the occasion.

5 & 6. The Versatile Combo (The Winfrey top & Soho skirt)

women in tech

The super-stretchy Winfrey top and Soho skirt.

Forget athleisure—this insanely stretchy shirt-and-skirt combo feels like straight-up PJs. It’s also the business traveler’s secret weapon—comfortable enough to snooze in, but impossible to rumple. The red-eye has met its match.

7. The Sneaky-comfy Sheath Dress (The Rachel)

Form-fitting without being too tight, the Rachel looks perfectly streamlined for moments when you’re in the spotlight. Wear it to your next panel appearance, and then head straight out for celebratory drinks.

8. The Fancy Desk Sweater (The Sant Ambroeus)

wardrobe staples for lawyers

The Sant Ambroeus in deep indigo.

Unexpected meeting with someone intimidating? Arctic blast from the air conditioner? Keep this structured jardigan (jacket meets cardigan) on hand so you can sharpen your look and keep warm in one fell swoop.

9. The Instant Confidence Boost (The Nisa)

women in tech

The Nisa dress in aubergine.

Asking for a raise? Presenting to potential investors? When you have this structured number in your closet, you won’t waste a second agonizing about your outfit. And why should you? You’ve got this.

10. The Elevated Layer (The Graham)

women in tech

The Graham kimono in sheer rib, the Davis top, and the Nakamura trouser.

You could pull on a cardigan to cover up—or you could slip into this slinky kimono. Beautifully textured and slightly sheer, it’s an unexpected way to dress up (and warm up) wherever you are.

Need a great work wardrobe but no time to shop? Order a Bento and let our stylists do the work for you. 

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