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10 Unexpected Pairings That Make Life More Exciting

Sometimes, the most iconic duos are the ones you least saw coming.

By Madeleine Kim

Blazers and jeans. Kourtney and Travis. Oreos and peanut butter. Sometimes, the most iconic duos are the ones you least saw coming—and embracing the unexpected is part of what keeps life exciting. Whether you want to change up your wardrobe, experiment in the kitchen, or try a new routine, these 10 unexpected pairings will make things more fun.


Churro Dough + Bananas Foster

We asked our friends at Coolhaus to share their best unexpected ice cream flavor pairing, and their answer may or may not have made me drool on myself. Try a scoop of Street Cart Churro Dough with a scoop of Bananas Foster for a bowl of buttery, cinnamon-y, banana-y magic.


Ice Cream + Workwear

Speaking of ice cream, there’s something so liberating about eating a drippy ice cream cone in a full-on suit. The catch? This only works if that suit is machine-washable. Luckily, we’ve got easy-care styles in spades.


Florals + Stripes

Pattern mixing is a delicate art, but do it right, and you’ll unquestionably be the most stylish person in the room. Case in point: This joyful summer ensemble, curated and modeled by style blogger Jenn Lake (@jenniferlake) as part of her summer capsule wardrobe

Jenn Lake (@jenniferlake) wears the Samara sweater and Orchard skirt. See more of her outfits here.


Stretch + Structure

No, they’re not mutually exclusive! In fact, I’d argue that the best thing about many M.M. pieces is that they feel soft and stretchy but look crisp and structured. This beautiful combination is perhaps best exemplified by our jardigans but can also be found in WonderTex dresses, Everstretch pants, and countless other styles.


Power + Casual

Power Casual is the clothing equivalent of work-life balance. In other words, it’s outfits that combine polish with ease and elegance with comfort. Achieving all these things at once may sound like a stretch, but we’ve got it down to a science. Try it for yourself by pairing jeans with an oversized blazer, a tailored dress with sneakers, or trousers with a T-shirt


Breakfast + A Movie

Sure, you’ve had dinner and a movie. But what about watching your favorite summer film with a side of avocado toast? Few things feel more luxurious than a movie morning. Give it a try on your next free weekend (and make sure to wear something extra comfy).


Dumplings + Everything Bagel Seasoning

Just trust me on this one. Sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning into your dumpling dipping sauce, and you’ll never look back.


Black + Navy

“Black and navy don’t go well together” is the style myth that just won’t die. You can wear black and navy together. In fact, we love the pairing so much, we made it into a print!


Heels + Joggers

The upheaval of the past couple years has shown us, among many things, that style rules are meant to be broken, bent, and remolded. Case in point: Joggers are no longer just for jogging; heels don’t have to be limited to formal occasions. The polished (and currently on-sale) Delaney joggers are so sleek, you can wear them with a blazer to create a modern suit. Pair these pieces with the Ella sandals to complete your unexpectedly chic look.


Suit Pants + T-Shirts

Are trousers the new jeans? They might be—but that’s an investigation for another day. For now, I’ll just say this: Wearing your suit pants with a T-shirt is a shortcut to looking chic that everyone can (and should) pull off.

In the New York area? This week, we’re teaming up with Coolhaus to bring free ice cream sandwiches to Manhattan and the Hamptons! We’ll have plenty of ice cream and cookie flavors to choose from, so you can create your very own unexpected pairing. Follow us on Instagram @mmlafleur and keep an eye on our stories to see where the truck ends up.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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