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Trendy Work Clothes On A Budget

How to Find On-Trend Work Clothes on a Budget: 10 Sale Styles to Try

Have fun with your style without breaking the bank.

By Madeleine Kim

I’ve never considered myself a “trendy” dresser. As a rule, I try not to buy things just because everyone else is wearing them, and the thought of spending money on something I’ll only wear once or twice legitimately puts a pit in my stomach. 

But at the same time, I love fashion, and interpreting trends through the lens of my personal style is a fun way of expressing myself. Also, I’d be lying to myself if I said my style was never influenced by the trends that surround me (yes, Beyoncé has officially changed my mind about cowboy boots—I’m only human!).

When I do participate in trends, I try to do so in a way that doesn’t lead to overconsumption—or strain my budget unnecessarily. What does that look like in practice? Buying on-trend pieces that are classic enough that they won’t feel “outdated” in six months; prioritizing items that can be styled for both work and weekends; and, of course, taking advantage of sales. 

We’re currently in the midst of our big spring sale, so I’ve rounded up 10 on-trend work styles at affordable prices that you’ll keep wearing far beyond next season. These pieces will return to full price at midnight on Monday, 3/25—don’t miss out!

How to Find Trendy Work Clothes on a Budget

1. The Oversized Statement Blazer

($275 $395)

For days when you need a little extra serotonin, infuse your work wardrobe with a splash of color. The Janette jacket is oversized enough to feel on-trend, but not so voluminous that it feels like you’re trying too hard. Green is slated to be the most popular color of 2024, making this the perfect time for the Janette in our joyful, unexpectedly versatile shamrock shade. A few ways to style it:

  • Wear it with the matching Allyn pants ($160 $225) or Chantal skirt ($195) for a complete suit.
  • Pair it with the check plaid Constance dress ($240 $345) for a vaguely Cher Horowitz-inspired outfit.
  • If you work in a casual environment, toss it on over jeans ($225) and a T-shirt ($95) for a polished but easy look.
green matching set work clothing
plaid matching set for work mmlafleur

2. The Plaid Mini(ish)-skirt

($160 $225)

Speaking of Clueless, if you really want to channel Cher’s ’90s-posh aesthetic, the Whitney skirt in check plaid is *the* sale style to snag. Although it features one of our shorter hemlines, most customers have found that the sophisticated fabric and classic silhouette make it appropriate for business-casual environments. Here’s how to wear it:

  • Go for a full plaid-suiting look by pairing the Whitney with the matching Dolly jacket ($325 $465). Instead of a button-down, try a turtleneck ($65) as your underpinning for a slightly less corporate look.
  • Try some creative pattern mixing by wearing it with a dotted knit top ($145) and a cozy blazer ($395).
  • Achieve a polished but casual warm-weather look by tucking in a bright T-shirt ($55 $75) and adding a pair of sneakers ($205 $295).

3. The Office-Friendly Sneakers

($205 $295)

I can’t overstate the value of having a pair of comfortable, polished, neutral sneakers that you can wear with your work clothes. We partnered with Koio to create this exclusive pair so you’d always have a go-to style to wear with your work dresses, dress pants, and beyond—and for just a few days, you can get them at 30% off. There are infinite ways to style a pair of white sneakers, but here are a few of my favorites:

How to Find Trendy Work Clothes on a Budget
mmlafleur Trendy Work Clothes on a Budget

4. The Cool-Girl Work Pants

($160 $265)

All of a sudden, your Gen Z coworkers are wearing baggy cargo pants that remind you of middle school—and for some reason, you’re into it. Can you pull them off? Absolutely. But if you’re not quite ready to dive into the trend, take a baby step toward it with Shane pants. A relaxed fit and elastic waist give them the easy, loungey vibe of cargo pants, but they won’t make you look out of place among the business-casual crowd. Some styling ideas:

  • For a relaxed take on an office look, pair them with the matching Annette top ($80 $225) and comfortable pumps ($240 $345).
  • Echo the pants’ unfussy silhouette with an easy knit tunic ($245) that looks like crisp poplin but feels like a T-shirt.
  • Ride out the last cold spell of the year (fingers crossed!) in a turtleneck ($85) and cozy jardigan ($325).

5. The Washable Silk T-Shirt

($135 $195)

Even if “quiet luxury” was never part of your personal style, this simple but elevated silk T-shirt will be an often-worn addition to your work wardrobe. Lightweight, elegant without being stuffy, and—the best part—machine-washable, the Annika tee can be styled for a range of formalities:

mmlafleur trendy workwear
mmlafleur dress workwear

6. The Work-Appropriate Sundress

($205 $345)

I’m usually a pants person, but there comes a time each spring when I can’t think of wearing anything but a sundress. If you feel the same, I highly recommend grabbing the Estela dress before it goes back to full price. The silhouette is classic, but the design details are not (see: functional pockets and a unique back-wrap detail). Here are a few ways to wear it:

7. The Sleek Gray Trousers

($160 $265)

I wouldn’t call classic gray trousers “trendy,” but I have noticed them making more appearances on my social media feeds recently. People are finding fresh ways to style this longtime work-wardrobe staple, to the point where I’ve been inspired to pick up the Mejia pants during the short time that they’re on sale. Here are a few fun ways to wear them:

mmlafleur trendy matching suit
mmlafleur flared pants

8. The Oversized Button-Down

($170 $245)

Like gray trousers, crisp poplin button-downs are both on-trend and timeless—a narrow but nonetheless existent Venn diagram. And, really, if you’re looking to build an affordable work wardrobe, you should focus on pieces like these: ones that feel modern but won’t go out of style two seasons from now. Here are a few ways I like to wear the Mila shirt:

9. The Shiny Silk Button-Down

($185 $265)

Calling everyone who saw Dune: Part Two multiple times in theaters: You can now express your enthusiasm at the office in the form of the chic, dune-hued Tatum shirt. Made from shiny (and machine-washable) silk charmeuse, it offers all the versatility of a classic button-down, but its sheen and unique not-quite-gray-not-quite-beige color make it feel thoroughly modern. Here’s how I wear mine:

  • Unbuttoned, as a jacket, over the matching Vicky tank ($165), tucked into black jeans ($225).
  • As an underpinning for my favorite Better Than Denim set—the Daria jeans ($135 $225) and Emalis jacket ($130 $325)—in oregano.
  • With knit trousers ($245) that feel like pajamas, either tucked in or with the bottom few buttons undone.
mmlafleur trendy workwear
Trendy Work Clothes on a Budget

10. The Bright Indigo T-Shirt

($55 $75)

In a very Devil Wears Prada turn of events, I can’t stop thinking about bright blue. A top-quality T-shirt like the Lee is a great, low-risk way to incorporate a bold new shade into your wardrobe—and it’s ripe with styling possibilities:

These styles return to full price on 3/25/24 at midnight. Shop the full sale here.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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