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The Story Behind M.M.’s Sample Sale

May 10, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

Psst: It’s a special M.M. sale! Read on for details.

What is the M.M. sample sale?

This sale is an opportunity for us to find homes for items that we’re not able to sell on our regular website. These pieces might be colors we aren’t planning to make anymore, slightly damaged, or be cut in a fit that we’ve since updated. They’re perfectly wearable (in fact, you probably won’t even be able to tell there’s something wrong with them!) but aren’t totally up to our usual standards.

How does the M.M. team decide which items to include in the sale?

Each garment that passes through our logistics center is thoroughly checked by a member of our team. Anything less than perfect is categorized based on the level of defect.

What do each of these levels mean?

Each less-than-perfect item gets categorized by how severe the defect is:

Level A: Level A defects make up the majority of pieces at our sale. Whether or not they’re damaged, the misfits are considered just out of bounds of being sellable. These pieces might have had a recent fit update and are no longer consistent with our standard grading, come in a silhouette or color that we aren’t planning to restock, or arrive slightly “off-specification” from our factories. If an item is “off-spec”, it does not meet our standard sizing guidelines. Level A items also include pieces with a small mark or pull, or another small damage that may not be visible while wearing the garment. This also includes pieces that are missing an accessory like a belt or sash that we don’t have a replacement for.

Level B: Level B items include items with a small but visible pull, snag, or hole smaller than a nickel. Fabric pulls are one of the most common issues that even the most talented tailor usually cannot repair, but luckily, they’re barely noticeable.

Level C: Level C pieces are noticeably defective. These items have defects such as broken zippers and fabric damages. A trusted seamstress may be able to work some magic, but these repairs will likely be a bit more extensive.

What do you do with items that aren’t sold at the sale?

All pieces that aren’t sold at our sale get donated to various organizations. In the past, we’ve donated to Bottomless Closet, Reveal, and the IRC!

How can I attend?

If you happen to be in D.C. from 12/13 – 12/15, be sure to stop by our sale! Find out more about our D.C. sample sale here.

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