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Fit for a Goddess: Meet Our Summer Jewelry Collection

April 20, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

Our latest jewelry collection, designed in collaboration with Italian craftsman Delfino Ferrari, features elegant earrings and necklaces that look just as sharp in meetings as they do at rooftop happy hours (‘tis the season…well, it will be eventually). In his designs, Ferrari is inspired by his native Italy, so, while we often name our garments after women we admire, we ventured a bit further back in time for this collection. Without further ado, meet our summer jewelry collection, named after Roman goddesses.

The Pomona Necklace

Pomona, the goddess of abundance, is often associated with the flourishing of orchards and gardens. In her honor, this necklace features two chains with rounded, leaf-like detailing. Picture yourself reclining beneath an olive tree at the height of summer when you wear it—even if you’re just sitting in the little park near your office. 

The Carmenta Necklace

Carmenta was known as the goddess of prophecy, who protected children and mothers. The bold, circular pendant on this necklace reminds us of an oracle—think of it as your good luck charm on big meeting days.

The Jana Earrings

Named for the Italian goddess of the moon, these textured rings are a modern take on traditional hoops. Jana was said to have two faces, one facing the past and one facing the future; think of the double rings on these earrings as representing each face.

The Turanna Necklace

Known as the spirit of love and happiness, the goddess Turanna was often associated with birds. This simple chain is light as a feather, adds a subtle but sleek addition to your ensemble, and will bring a lightness and elegance to your summer work uniform.

The Nox Earrings

These dangly earrings feature simple, rectangular pendants and are named for Nox, the Italian goddess of the night. They will add just the right amount of polish to any evening ensemble—but we like them just as much during the day.

The Aradia Necklace

The goddess Aradia was known for her close relationship with her mother, and this relationship is often represented in the form of corresponding crescent moons. We’ve named this sleek necklace, featuring linked forms that are reminiscent of different stages of the moon, in her honor.

Inspired to try our new jewelry? Click here to shop the collection. And don’t forget to shop the rest of our summer collection, A Certain Ease.