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“This Senator Saved My Love Life”: One Woman’s Bizarre-but-Awesome Story

June 24, 2014

Anna Sale was a 30-something journalist working in New York when she decided to split from her boyfriend, Arthur. They still loved each other, but their career paths were naturally diverging, and she couldn’t see a way forward as a couple.

One day, she got an unexpected phone call. On the line was former longtime senator Alan Simpson—and he was urging her to give her relationship with Arthur another go.

In her piece for Death, Sex + Money, Anna describes the strange and twisted path that led her back to Arthur, by way of Simpson’s living room, where she discussed the nature of long-term relationships with Simpson and his wife Ann (who have been married for 60 years).

At first, I was struck by the seeming randomness of this scenario. But once listening, I was completely captivated by the honesty and poignant insights of all parties involved.

It’s clear that, for today’s working woman, there is no simple way to navigate both a career and a relationship. But here’s one woman’s story, and the wisdom she picked up along the way:

– Tory Hoen

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