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The M Dash

Live with purpose.

The Tatum top, the Nene dress, and the Claude charms.

Our holiday traditions may still look a little different than in years past, but we’re embracing the season with a spirit of celebration and joy. We’re thinking of our holiday collection as mood lighting made tangible. The pieces may seem straightforward, but their rich textures and meticulously designed silhouettes give them that extra something special.

The styles in the collection are made to help you celebrate in comfort and style. You’re building new traditions, reflecting, toasting, and resting. It’s time for cozy bars with old friends, a last-minute dinner party when good news arrives, or an indulgent takeout feast with chosen family. Not buttoned up, unless you want it that way (the buttons on the Tatum top are so lovely, after all).

In the collection, you’ll find styles that have perfected the art of the understated statement. There’s a luxurious, silk charmeuse slip dress that can also be thrown in the wash; an inventive wool-and-cashmere hoodie that does the styling for you; a fluffy sweater with oh-so-subtle sparkle; and more. We hope these pieces help you ring it in—even if you’re staying in.

The Tatum top and the Milo jean.

The Tatum top, the Milo jean, and the Freya hoodie.

The Tatum top and the Frida earrings.

The Tatum top, the Milo jean, and the Freya hoodie, and the Claude charms.

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