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The Best Pants for Your Body Type, According to Professional Stylists

Pants are notoriously difficult when it comes to finding an exceptional fit, but they’re also a foundational category of a well-curated wardrobe. Our stylists are determined to solve this conundrum for you.

By Emma Steinbergs

For decades now, pants have been a key component in modern women’s wardrobes—but they’re hard to get right. You’ve probably had the discouraging experience of littering a dressing room floor with a pile of ill-fitting pants. Or even if you did finally land on a pair, it may have taken an exhausting amount of time and effort to find just one silhouette that worked for your unique combination of hips, waist, legs, and height. Therein lies the trouble with trousers.

But fear not, because we’re dedicating the entire month of March to helping you rekindle your relationship with pants. From releasing tried-and-true favorites in new colors to offering special pants-focused appointments (in NYC, D.C., and virtually), we’re making pants a priority, and finding your fit is the goal. In case you don’t have time for an appointment, we enlisted a few of our NYC stylists—who collectively style our pants on dozens of women each day—to spotlight their favorite silhouettes for each body type. Scroll to find your shape and see which pants will suit you best.

For Straight Shapes

You likely have a straight body type if your bust and hips are similar in proportion and you don’t have an especially defined waist. Try a high-waisted, cigarette-style pant that accentuates your curves. According to NYC-based stylist Joanna, “A skinny silhouette like the Curie pant is an easy go-to for straight shapes. And much like polished skinny jeans, they create a Power Casual look when styled with one of our pima cotton T-shirts and a great blazer.” In love with our structured-yet-stretchy Better Than Denim fabric? Go with the Sammataro jean instead.

For Hourglass Shapes

You likely have an hourglass body type if your shoulders align with your hips and you have a defined waistline. Opt for a relaxed leg to allow wiggle room through the hips, and look for an elastic or drawstring waistband that will cinch around your middle to complement your shape. Throughout my chat with NYC-based stylist Alesandra, she kept circling back to gush about the Colby pant and Shane pant due to their adaptability when it comes to curves. “It’s funny,” she explained, “our clients are really skeptical about trying the seemingly shapeless Colby or Shane pants, but then they put them on and absolutely fall in love.”

For Oval Shapes

You likely have an oval body type if you have a fuller midsection, and there’s less distinction between your bust, waist, and hips. Focusing on skinny pants with a medium to high rise will likely make you feel most at ease. Alesandra explains why: “My oval-shaped customers tend to feel most relaxed in flowy tops, so I like to create a balanced silhouette with a slim leg like the Hockley jean or Stella legging. These high-rise pants might sound restricting at first, but actually feel secure and comfortable.”

For Pear Shapes

You likely have a pear body type if your hips are proportionally larger than your top half. Choose a pant with a subtle kick-crop like the Archie jean or a wide leg like the Milo jean to balance out your silhouette. NYC Stylist Jane deemed the Milo one of her favorites: “It’s a really fun, elongating silhouette that consistently surprises pears despite its straight leg. As for the Archie, I’ve already seen this very new style work well for pear-shaped customers who prefer a more fitted pant.”

For Heart Shapes

You likely have a heart body type if your bust is proportionally larger than your hips. Complement your broader top half with the kick-crop Archie jean or our classic Foster pant, which has a slightly relaxed, straight leg and an ever-so-subtle flare. By the way, both Jane and Alesandra confirm that everyone, regardless of body type, should give the Fosters a try: “They’re our all-time best-selling pants for a reason.”

Ready to solve your pants problems? Book your pants appointment in NYC, D.C., or virtually.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Senior Brand Associate. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and Customer Communications Associate, and she still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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