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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By The M.M.LaFleur Team

M.M.LaFleur is committed to practicing anti-racism across all aspects of our business and making our company a place where everyone, especially our BIPOC team members, feels safe and empowered. 

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, or any other personal or physical characteristics. 

Currently (as of December 16, 2020), of our overall employee population (74 people), our employees identify as the following:

Full Company (74 People)

Leadership (Directors and above, 20 People)

Executive Team (9 People)

We feel it’s important to be transparent about the racial and ethnic breakdown of our team. We recognize that we must add more BIPOC leaders to the company. We’re committed to expanding how we search for diverse candidates, going beyond LinkedIn and Indeed and broadening our networks, including the organizations we work with and the schools we recruit from. We’ve updated our interview screening process to ensure that we do not let implicit bias be the basis for hiring or not hiring a candidate.

We promote equal pay and opportunity. We recognize that racism isn’t just hate speech and violence, but an intricate system that affects job opportunities and pay discrepancy. We’ve employed a pay transparency model since 2018. To make sure every opportunity for growth at M.M. is open to every employee at M.M., we will continue to improve on this model and refine our promotion processes in every facet of the company to ensure they are as clear as possible to our employees. 

We have an expanding mandatory employee training curriculum focused on recognizing and combating implicit and explicit biases. We are also in the process of rolling out smaller group training and enrichment sessions on the psychological impact of racism, addressing microaggressions, and combating cultural appropriation and misappropriation. 

We have an anonymous Ethics and Compliance Hotline. If you experience profiling, discrimination, or harrassment while you work or shop with M.M., please contact: 

  • Email: (Please include M.M.LaFleur in the subject line)
  • Toll-Free Telephone: 
    • English: 833-666-0008
    • Spanish: 800-216-1288
  • Website:

This is part of our ongoing commitment to have clear lines of communication, transparency, and accountability as we train our leadership team on how to best handle incidents of racism. 

We are displaying our decency agreement in each of our stores and office locations as we reopen. You may ask, what’s in a sign? But we want every person who walks into any of our facilities to know that we are an organization actively committed to fighting racism. We expect our visitors and customers to respect our employees and vice versa, and any violation of this policy will not be tolerated.

We have launched a search process to fill a seat on the M.M.LaFleur board with a Black woman with significant sector experience, because true change starts at the very top. We kicked off our recruiting process in July in partnership with several organizations, including 25 Black Women in Beauty.

We have established a DEI committee, which includes one of our independent board advisors, 2 senior company leaders, and 4 employees at various levels, to ensure we are making continuous progress. The committee’s purpose is  to act on behalf of the company to ensure accountability for results, provide governance and oversight on diversity efforts, and promote company-wide communication on progress. Most recently, the committee has been working to establish guidelines around creating and running employee resource groups.

We know there is more work for us to do, and we will hold ourselves accountable. We’re committed to publicly sharing our progress with our customers and community on a regular basis and will continue to update this page with our progress. Click here to read more about our CEO’s commitment to racial equality and the steps we’re taking to make sure M.M.LaFleur is a great place to work for all employees.

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