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3 Fashion Risks Anyone Can Pull Off

Our brand stylist, Nyjerah, teaches us how to have some (much needed) fun.

By Nyjerah Cunningham

As a stylist, my favorite piece of fashion advice is to take risks and wear them well. But taking a fashion risk doesn’t necessarily mean doing something quirky or bold; style is incredibly personal, and it’s all about trying things that fall outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you want to start with something small, like trying a color you don’t normally wear, or maybe you want to make a bigger change, like trying a totally new silhouette. Either way, the most important factor is that you always wear things that feel like you. Here are three ways to start switching up your style.

Find Your Prints Charming

Pairing prints together is one of my favorite ways to push the fashion envelope, and this natural-and-mosaic-print combination just feels right. Although the slubbed stretch linen material of our Anna jacket isn’t technically a print, it plays like one, because it’s composed of threads in a variety of light neutral shades. This makes it a great option for pairing with bolder prints, such as mosaic. My rule of thumb when pairing prints is to choose pieces that have similar color schemes—and the warm undertones of the Anna jacket work beautifully with the goldenrod-colored squares of the Orchard skirt.

Go Topless

For anyone who’s not a traditional suit-wearer (ahem, me!), this one’s for you. I never quite feel like myself in a suit, unless I break the rules a bit by going shirtless underneath my blazer (ooh la la) or creating an unexpected shape—such as a full-length blazer paired with culottes. If you’re not feeling inspired by traditional silhouettes, mix and match to create a shape all your own. Also: If you know me, you know I love a tonal look. In my opinion, pairing colors of the same shade is the easiest and chicest outfitting method there is. Our Bennett blazer in ivory has a warm, yellow undertone that makes it an ideal pairing for yellow hues like goldenrod and canary.

Crank Up the Volume

I often teach my clients to balance oversized items with more form-fitting silhouettes, especially for those who find volume overwhelming. But to tell you the truth, I feel like my best self in head-to-toe relaxed, oversized attire. I’m all about embracing length and volume, and my favorite way to do that is by pairing oversized separates together. In other words: The wide-legged Conway pant paired with the tunic-style Nichols shirt is my kind of outfit. When wearing oversized pieces, making small styling tweaks—such as rolling up your sleeves—can pull the outfit together and keep you looking polished.

Written By

Nyjerah Cunningham

Nyjerah is the Brand Stylist at M.M.LaFleur, and a lover of all things style-related. Her wardrobe motto is simple: take risks and wear them well.

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