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Eight Styles My Mom and I Both Plan to Wear Forever

Some pieces transcend generations. My mom and I are different sizes and ages, but we both love these eight styles.

By Anna Senchak

My mom, Jules, and I have always been extremely close, and our shared passion for shopping has cemented that bond. Once I became interested in clothes (I’m looking at you, Limited Too), my mom and I would plan a shopping trip to celebrate my birthday.

In the past, our shopping trips centered around finding clothes for me—but once I started working at M.M., my mom began dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what she wanted for her birthday…even though it was 10 months away. We may disagree from time to time over outfits, but we’re definitely on the same page about the fact that we plan to have these eight pieces in our wardrobes forever.

1. The Hockley Jean

“When we first released the Hockley jean, our founder and CEO, Sarah, dubbed them her favorite pants—and for good reason! Not to be confused with the best-selling Foster pant (which is another favorite of mine), this M.M. classic features our Better Than Denim fabric (ha) and a generous fit through the hips. At 5’2”, I almost always take advantage of the self-hemming snap feature, but I do love the longer length with boots come winter.”

“I love these jeans because they’re stretchy but fitted in a very flattering way. The front zipper gives some structure and shape to the jeans, but the material is way more comfortable than denim.”

2. The Kara Top

“I cannot say enough amazing things about our 365Knit tops. These have been a staple in my closet since I started working at M.M. after college. When the Kara top was released last year, I knew it would be something I’d reach for weekly, if not daily. The slightly flared silhouette gives it a laid-back vibe, but when you touch the yarn and see the small details, you know a lot of work went into this effortless top.”

This top is something I wear weekly, whether to work or on weekends. My office environment is extremely casual, and this top fits right in. It’s beyond comfortable, but what I love most is the substantial knit, which doesn’t cling to the areas I want to camouflage.”

3. The Nia Jacket

“I LOVE THIS JACKET! I am a sucker for a cropped jacket and was so excited to see an OrigamiTech (read: machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant) one in work last year. I love the double-breasted style, and everyone who knows me knows that olive is one of my favorite colors.”

“As someone who runs on the warmer side (in ANY weather—read: menopause) and has been known to end a meal with stains, OrigamiTech is the answer. The fabric is so lightweight, and I love that I can throw it in the wash. It’s really easy to dress up or down and wear all throughout the year—alone as a spring jacket or layered under a winter jacket. It also brings an outfit together, giving it a finished look.”

4. The Janie Dress

“I think this is the cutest dress M.M. has ever made. The poplin is gorgeous, and I love the length. The tie in the front is super flattering, and you can unbutton the top buttons to create a different neckline, depending on what you’re going for. I’ll be wearing the Janie dress to the office the next time I go to New York, since it’s such a great lightweight dress for commuting—and to drinks after work!”

“Every time I wear this dress, I get compliments. Like Anna, I love the weight—the cotton-linen blend is perfect for me in the spring and summer. I prefer to wear tops and dresses with sleeves, and I love that I can wear these cuffed or uncuffed, changing the look and making it more appropriate for the temperature. The blue is also such a gorgeous hue and looks great with my hair color!”

5. The Archie Jean

“These are the white jeans I’d been searching for for years. The right white pants can be some of the more difficult pieces to find, and the Archies have come to the rescue. I love the color—and that’s coming from someone who spent 3+ years searching for the right shade of ivory Doc Martens with my mom…”

“Yes, I FINALLY found the sought-after Doc Martens—and then Anna introduced me to these jeans. Another pair of amazing Better Than Denim jeans! At 5’2”, these are full length on me, but there are snaps to shorten the hem if I want them to be slightly cropped.”

6. The Owen T-Shirt

“Ever since M.M. started making T-shirts in 2020, I haven’t wanted to wear a T-shirt from anywhere else. I had no idea that cotton could feel this soft and luxurious. I’ll be wearing the Owen all summer long with jean shorts and sneakers.”

“You really just have to feel this top to understand why it’s so amazing. I love the cut of this tee, and the ¾-length sleeves are just perfect, since I like a little more coverage on my upper arms. I love pairing this with my Hockley jeans.”

7. The Carter Slides

“The slides of my dreams! The little heel is just right, and I love the square toe. I love that these are polished but still comfortable enough to wear on a quick walk with my dog.”

“I love these sleek sandals. The scratch-resistant heel is a major plus, and they can be casual or a bit more dressy, if desired.”

8. Matching Pajamas

“Last but most certainly not least, these pajamas. I don’t think I can articulate how great it feels to invest in luxurious pajamas. I’ve never bought nice pajamas before, but as soon as my mom asked ‘Do we need these?’ it didn’t take much convincing.”

“After a busy day, we often wind down in our favorite jammies. Everything from the slippers to the mask makes for a comfortable, cozy, peaceful rest.”

Photos by Sara Liptow.

Written By

Anna Senchak

Anna is M.M.LaFleur's Senior E-Commerce Associate. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and Visual Merchandising Intern. She loves optimizing the website for customers so they can shop with ease.

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