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MM in Action: Meet Annabel

April 14, 2015

Annabel Wick

Annabel waiting for spring in the Rachel and the Lafayette

Today, we get to know the inimitable Annabel Wick. If you’ve ever ordered an MM Bento™ Box, Annabel was likely the stylist who combed through your survey and hand-picked the items you received.

At MM.LaFleur, we’re all for celebrating the women who inspire us. But the truth is: We don’t have to look much further than our own office to tap into a network of amazingly talented (funny, outspoken, creative, collaborative, occasionally hyper) women. And because many of our readers are curious to know the people behind our brand, we thought it was high time to introduce them. A native New Yorker, Annabel Wick was kind enough to let us drag her into the snow (mercifully gone now!) and answer all our probing questions.

Annabel Wick

Yooohoooo, Annabel. Tell us: How do you spend your days at MM?
I’m in charge of all things Bento. When we launched the program last fall, I read all the surveys and chose which items to put in each box. As the middle of three sisters, I thought I knew about women and clothes, but wow—I have learned so much about measurements, style preferences, and sizing in the past six months. As we’ve grown, I’ve been working with the operations team to plan how we’ll scale Bento and what it will look like in the future. Very exciting!

Annabel Wick

What are you currently watching? Reading?
I had a Wednesday-night doubleheader with my friends where we would watch Empire and then Broad City. Now I’m looking around for my next show. I just went on vacation so I had a chunk of time to catch up on books. I read Infidel (Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiography), The Golem and the Jinni, and am in the middle of The Boys in the Boat. I recommend them all!

Annabel Wick

You have killer style and your sneaker collection is the envy of the office. Tell us about this look.  
I’m wearing the Rachel, the Lafayette sweater, and my winter boots. I’ve had these boots since college, and they are pretty trashed. It’s hard for me to get rid of clothing, especially when it’s worn in, and therefore comfy, but when my mom saw these photos, she demanded I throw them away.

The Rachel is one of my favorite MM dresses because it’s long and straight, and I’m really tall and not hugely curvaceous. I wore the Lafayette basically every day of the winter. I love the way it hangs loosely, especially over dresses like the Rachel, which is a more body-hugging style.

Annabel Wick

What’s the best advice you ever got?
The summer after my freshmen year of college, I stayed with my best friend and her mother in Paris. When her mom left for work every morning, she would give us a list of museums, galleries, etc. to see. We were pretty content eating, drinking, and napping, and by the end of the trip, we still hadn’t seen many of her recommendations. When she found out, she yelled at us because we had willfully missed the opportunity to see something new. She explained that our thoughts, our ideas, and our preferences would be shaped by what we experienced. That stuck with me—I like the idea that my day-to-day is informed by experiences I’ve “collected” over the years.

Annabel Wick


Hint of bling courtesy of the Single Bezel Necklace

Surprises… are overrated.

Ham… is underrated.

Words to live by?
It’s not hugely optimistic, but I like the quote, “This too shall pass.”

Annabel Wick

What do you love about working at MM?
My coworkers. I think it’s so cool to work with a bunch of incredibly smart, dedicated, fun women. Especially in the startup world where male entrepreneurs outnumber female entrepreneurs astronomically, I love being part of an (essentially) all-female company that helps other professional women.

Thanks, Annabel! We love you too. 

Photos by Frances F. Denny

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