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4 Pieces, 4 Outfits: Mix and Match Our Boysenberry Pieces

August 19, 2016

We’re always brainstorming new ways to streamline the get-dressed-and-out-the-door process. This season, we’ve created four interchangeable separates that are designed to be mixed into four easy outfits, all in our rich, wine-hued palette—and other colors, too. You can literally throw them on in the dark, half-asleep, without fear of mismatching (that 6:00am flight doesn’t need to be any more painful than it already is), or pack them for a full week’s wardrobe (repeating an outfit on Friday doesn’t really count, right?). Best of all, they’re made from our stretchy, super-soft jersey—because we’ve got your back, as always. Check out the different combinations, below.

A – Waverly Skirt

B – Fey Top

C – Soho Skirt

D – Winfrey Top

 Outfit 1 = B + C

The Fey Top and the Soho Skirt // MM.LaFleur

The Fey top and the Soho skirt.

Tuck the cross-front Fey top into the gently ruched Soho skirt, and the silhouette reads as an elegant wrap dress. The pieces are form-fitting, but strategically gathered to flatter your figure.

Outfit 2 = A + B

The Fey Top and the Waverly Skirt // MM.LaFleur

The Fey top and the Waverly Skirt.

Swap in the flared Waverly skirt, with its wraparound ties and hip-skimming cut, for days when you’re feeling flouncy—or just want a little extra swing in your step.

Outfit 3 = C + D

The Winfrey Top and the Soho Skirt // MM.LaFleur

The Winfrey top and the Soho skirt.

Pair the beautifully draped cowl-neck Winfrey with the Soho skirt, and bam: a power look has never been so simple (or comfortable).

Outfit 4 = A + D

You get it. Looking good + feeling good = simple math.

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