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Meet the Leading Ladies of Our Summer Collection

April 12, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

For our Summer 2018 collection, A Certain Ease, we’re trying something a little different. Not only do we have more casual offerings in the mix, but we’re also rolling the collection out through the lens of four fictional women of purpose. Below, meet Catherine, Samantha, Ana, and Simone.

Catherine wears the Lydia dress in boucle, the Sant Ambroeus jardigan in ecru, and the Vanessa pump in gray.

Catherine / Ad Exec, 45, Chicago

Goal: To change the way women are portrayed in ads. And to make a ton of money.

Dress code: Creative-business. Strikes a balance between “executive presence” and playfulness. Comfortable in front of the board, but also fits in with the creatives.

Pets / Kids: Two cats (Tiki and Coconut) and one teenage daughter (Alexandra).

Preferred exercise: Yoga.

Drink of choice: Dirty martini with olives.

Last vacation: Skiing in Zermatt.

Simone wears the Gwen dress in black, the Dietrich jacket in fig, and the Federica flat in black.

Simone / Engineer, 27, San Francisco

Goal: Writing code for now. Planning to be CTO someday.

Dress code: Tech casual. She works with a lot of guys in hoodies, but she likes to look a bit more polished. Sometimes she’s accused of looking “too stylish” and making “too much of an effort.” She doesn’t care—she’ll be their boss someday.

Pet: Shepherd mix named Flash, who loves chewing shoes.

Preferred exercise: Running (she still holds the 100-meter dash record at her high school).

Drink of choice: Pinot noir.

Last vacation: New Orleans for a friend’s birthday.

Samantha wears the Harper top and the Chester pant in fig and the Vanessa pump in gray.

Samantha / Litigator, 33, New York City

Goal: For now, making partner. Someday, the Supreme Court.

Dress code: Business casual, but she steps it up and wears a suit when she’s at trial. On normal days in the office, she likes to experiment. (Her co-workers think she’s super stylish.)

Pets / Kids: No time right now. Maybe someday.

Preferred exercise: Weekly squash game. She gets super competitive.

Drink of choice: Bourbon on the rocks.

Last vacation: Hiked Kilimanjaro with her childhood best friend.

Ana wears the Laura top in navy, the Foster pant in dark navy, and the Vanessa pump in gray.

Ana / Nonprofit Director, 38, Washington D.C.

Goal: To solve the student debt crisis and overhaul the education system. No big deal.

Dress code: Business casual. She keeps it simple, but adds a bit of flair for important meetings. She adds a jacket when she’s on Capitol Hill.

Kids: 4-year-old twins (one boy, one girl). They’re a lot.

Preferred exercise: Spinning when she has time.

Drink of choice: Champagne. (“Every day is a celebration.”)

Last vacation: Argentina with her husband.

Now that you’ve met the ladies, get excited. A Certain Ease drops this Tuesday. Keep an eye on your inbox!