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Eight Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Clothes You Probably Already Own

Get in the spirit with these stress-free ideas, including Wednesday Addams, Harry Styles, and more.

By Emma Steinbergs

Halloween is (nearly) here. Just writing that sentence scares me—not because it conjures images of ghouls and ghosts, but because I’m not a big costume person. This time of year, I’m always more focused on shopping for a cashmere layer I’ll live in all winter long than a campy outfit I’ll never wear again. And while I have heard that making your own costume can be fun, let’s just say DIY crafts aren’t my strength. So year after year, I find myself staring into my closet at the eleventh hour, trying to piece together some semblance of a recognizable character.

Can you relate? Fear not! In case you’re stumped but still determined to get in the spooky spirit, we came up with eight last-minute Halloween costumes using clothes you probably already own.

Wednesday Addams

Photo: Filmways Television

Wednesday Addams is an iconically sullen Halloween classic—and hers is an easy look to create at home. A long-sleeved black dress layered over a white button-down is a near-dead ringer for her simple yet spooky uniform, while opaque tights and black boots almost complete the outfit. The only thing missing from your moody look is two pigtail braids parted down the middle. Cue your new theme song: You’re creepy and you’re kooky, mysterious and spooky

Velma Dinkley

Photo: Hanna-Barbera Productions

Do you wear glasses and have a dog? You’re thisclose to cracking the case of your missing costume! Solve it once and for all by going full Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. You probably don’t drive a Mystery Machine, but you might own an orange turtleneck and red skirt, and we’d bet big bucks that you have Velma’s smarts. Mirror her sensible yet stylish look with some warm-hued loafers, and if you happen to have knee-high socks, even better.

Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport

Photo: Paramount Pictures

We’ve mentioned Clueless a few times this fall, and for good reason. Our customers drew comparisons between Dionne and Cher’s iconic plaid sets and our matching O’Hara blazer and Whitney skirt before we even had the chance. In other words, this is a low-effort costume—if you’re lucky enough to own any of these popular pieces. Thanks to a subtle yellow stripe, our plaid sharkskin styles nod to both Dionne Davenport’s black-and-white palette and Cher Horowitz’s sunny suit. Keep your footwear simple with a pair of black flats, and if you really want to brighten it up, go with a yellow top as your underpinning.

Harry Styles

Photo: Harry Styles

There’s no question about it: Harry Styles has style—and it often involves a dramatic, ’70s-inspired suit. If you happen to have a vibrant one of your own, look no further. For an easy, office-ready costume, reframe your matching structured blazer and flared pants as a groovy getup by layering a tie-front silk blouse underneath. Be sure to fasten as big of a bow as possible, and lace up your dancing shoes, too. Bonus points for adding a feathery boa.

Miriam Maisel

Photo: Amazon Studios

Whether or not your stand-up skills are on par with Miriam Maisel’s, you can certainly achieve her impeccable style. To start, zip up your best full-skirted dress to pay homage to the fabulously flouncy silhouette that was à la mode in the late 1950s. Further distinguish your retro look with timeless black pumps, classic pearl earrings, red lipstick, and coiffed hair. And if you really want to get in character, envision yourself as a woman about town in NYC.

Rachel Green

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Friends Rachel Green is definitely the most relatable of this bunch (minus her unrealistically enormous West Village apartment), and her outfits are easily attainable, too. Grab a fitted turtleneck and an above-the-knee skirt (ideally in a ‘90s-reminiscent plaid). Then, finish off your old-school yet on-trend look with black flats, hoop earrings, and sheer tights. Quickly toss your hair into a messy up-do using your favorite claw clip, and you’re ready to meet your friends at Central Perk.

Holly Golightly

Photo: Jurrow-Shepard

If you’re not into wearing a costume to work, this is your best bet. Create an office-appropriate outfit in the morning by pairing a sleeveless black dress with a neutral-colored statement necklace, charming pearl earrings, and luxurious leather pumps. At the end of the day, transform into Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by adding elbow-length gloves and the glitziest faux-diamond tiara you can find in your local drugstore’s Halloween aisle. Voilà! You’re basically a bona fide socialite.


Photo: Warner Bros.

There are many (too many?) Batman adaptations, but if one thing remains consistent, it’s Catwoman’s style. Without fail, it’s always badass, sexy, and involves a lot of black leather. If you own any of our vegan leather pieces, you can easily put together your own action-ready ensemble by combining them with stretchy black essentials. For a sleek base, tuck a lightweight turtleneck into leather leggings, and add a leather jacket and belt for extra edge. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear like low-heeled boots so you can fight crime chaperone trick-or-treating all night long.

Written By

Emma Steinbergs

Emma is M.M.LaFleur's Brand Manager. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers.

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