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How M.M. Customers REALLY Feel About Traveling For Work

September 06, 2019 | Filed in: Your Career

Work travel can be exhausting. You’re thrown out of your daily routine, preoccupied with unfamiliar surroundings, and forced to plan your outfits days in advance. Our new collection, Up, Up, & Away, aims to ease this last burden by offering versatile, travel-friendly workwear—pieces you can mix and match in fabrics that won’t wrinkle. Since we’re math people, we wanted to collect some real data on how women actually feel about work travel—so, we sent a survey.

A few stats from the ~1,000 responses we received:

It’s not just consultants and businesswomen racking up the miles: 61% of respondents are in law, healthcare, education, finance, and consulting. Among the reasons listed for enjoying work travel:

But the most exciting stat of them all? 98% of all respondents—a group of experienced travelers—stated they pack M.M. when traveling for work. 

So, why exactly do our customers love M.M. for work travel? In the words of one customer, “It’s ALL I pack…it’s all I need.” Let’s get into the specifics: 

The ability to easily mix and match styles

“The pieces don’t show wrinkles, and the dresses are a complete outfit without taking up much space.”

“Everything is easy to put together into outfits and shift the level of formality. The items look well-tailored. Basically eliminates the mental effort of what I need to pack.”

It travels well (i.e. minimal wrinkling)

“M.M. dresses are light, don’t take up much space, and the ones I bring are wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.”

“I just packed M.M. for a trip to London, and the clothes were fantastic. They packed great, held up to multiple wear days, and looked fabulous.”

“Clothes hold up nicely and wrinkle less; easy staples to choose at 4am; I know I don’t have to worry about looking good.”


“The clothes are comfy and professional at the same time.”

“My M.M. jardigan looks polished but is so much more comfortable than a traditional suit jacket.”

The Jaycie dress (coming soon), the Ginger pump, and the Bezel earrings.

Boosts confidence

“The pieces can be layered up to formal or down to casual; always catch compliments; and make me feel fierce and put together—even though I barely have to think about what I throw on.”

“My M.M. clothes ‘work’ for many occasions and always make me look like I’ve brought my A-game.”

“Wrinkle-free, boss-lady attire. An Etsuko is my go-to, making me feel confident behind the podium, in the crowd, and when perusing the coffee bar between sessions.”


“Most of my M.M. pieces are machine-washable, dry quickly, and don’t wrinkle easily. They also look great.”

“I pack washable pieces. I always end up spilling something.”

Cultural/dress-code versatility

“It is the only type of clothing that remains stylish in different countries/cultures.”

“Safe bet for appropriate dress code across cultures.”

Now the fun part: It’s time to find your versatile, comfortable, travel-friendly pieces! Start by telling us your dress code, what climate you’re traveling to, and what your suitcase is missing (i.e. heels you can run through the airport in, or pants that can take you from the taxi to the boardroom). Just text a stylist at (914) 825-5266 or email us at Up, Up, & Away you go!

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Emma is Senior Associate of Customer Communications at M.M.LaFleur. She previously worked as an M.M. stylist and still loves thinking through styling challenges and solutions for customers. Prior to joining the M.M. team, she worked in media in New York. Read more of Emma's posts.

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