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5 Ways to Wear Leopard Print to Work

Is animal print a neutral? A statement print? Appropriate for the office? Yes, yes, and yes. Here’s how we’re styling our new leopard-print pieces.

By Caitlin Abber

A few months ago, my husband was folding laundry when he recognized a recurring theme: “There’s just so much animal print!” He wasn’t wrong. You see, I kind of have a thing for all things leopard, cheetah, and what I refer to as “cat print”—which is a print that is supposed to reference a wild species of feline, but it’s unclear which one. And once I had a daughter? Forget about it. It’s a rare day when neither of us is wearing something spotted.

My love of animal print isn’t new, but I definitely wore a lot less of it when I was going into the office every day. I’m not knocking the aesthetic, but there was just something about animal print in the workplace that felt very Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovitch, and not in a good way. 

But that was before the brilliant designers at M.M. created our new office-friendly pieces in the subtle but substantial Sahara print. With these sophisticated beauties, I can get my cat-print fix without looking like I’m auditioning for a Josie and the Pussycats reboot on my lunch break (maybe in my next career, but not right now). These pieces are my go-to’s, my favorites, and, much to my husband’s chagrin, machine-washable, meaning now he’s got even more cat print to fold. 

Here are my favorite office-friendly ways to wear the Tatum top, Lisey cami, and Orchard skirt in our new Sahara print, modeled by M.M. team members, Sofia, Nyjerah, and Cindy.

5 Ways to Wear Leopard Print to Work

As a Thoughtful Detail

The thing to remember about animal print is that its most defining characteristic is whimsy—wearing it sends a signal that you aren’t afraid to have a little fun (tell me you can look at someone zebra wearing print without smiling!). That’s why I love using it as a thoughtful detail in an otherwise simple outfit. The collar of the Tatum top peeking out over the Ollie sweater is just enough pattern to keep things interesting, and that’s what makes this mostly all-black ensemble a regular part of my wardrobe rotation. 

As a Subtle Pop

I’m not going to pretend like the Lisey cami isn’t sexy, because it totally is. But it’s the kind of sexy that’s really in the eye of the wearer (and therefore, so much more confidence-boosting). You could be having a casual, work-from-home day in your Curie pants and a big cozy sweater, but if you wear animal prints like the Lisey cami in Sahara underneath, you’re going to feel a tad more put-together and prepared (because you never know if a last-minute Zoom call will appear on your schedule, or if you’ll run into your handsome new neighbor while grabbing the mail). Want to step this outfit up even more? Try swapping in wide legged trousers.

As a Full Set

The Tatum top tucked into the Orchard skirt gives the illusion of a perfectly tailored shirtdress, but don’t be fooled (or overwhelmed—in 2023, animal print is basically a neutral). This iconic outfit is a mono-pattern masterpiece that will make you feel as nimble and powerful as a cheetah—and proves that pairing animal prints is simple. Slip on some spicy ankle boots, and the luxe Sierra shacket, and prepare to look and feel like the top of the food chain.

As an Elegant Focal Point

The Orchard skirt in Sahara is always going to make a statement. It’s the piece the rest of your outfit will revolve around, but that doesn’t mean it’s a one-trick pony. In fact, because our Sahara print brings together a trio of rich neutrals—black, tan, even a light brown—it can be styled with so many other unexpected colors. The Axam turtleneck in camel, looks bold but balanced tucked into the Orchard, especially with the Anna jacket in black on top. To bring the whole look together, Sofia likes to wear the Lana boots in burgundy, which offer a complementary reddish tint (a raisin-colored lipstick also does the trick).  

As Part of a Sophisticated Suit (Sort Of)

Quick poll: Do a jacket and pants need to be the same color in order to be considered a suit? I don’t think so, and this outfit is proof. The Yiyan blazer in black and the Curie pants in bone aren’t your typical boardroom combo, but with the Tatum underneath, suddenly the whole thing just works. This look is an animal-print moment that makes sense for job interviews, conference calls, in-person meetups, presentations, and really anything you’re up to these days. It’s not a look most people think of when it comes to animal print, and that’s why it’s purrfect (sorry, I had to).

Written By

Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is the Brand Editor at M.M. LaFleur, and an award-winning writer and content creator. Over the last decade she has held senior editorial positions at MTV, Women's Health, Public Radio International, and Bustle, and has bylines at InStyle and

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