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How 5 Busy Women Prevent The Sunday Scaries

September 27, 2019 | Filed in: Your Career

Whoever said Sunday was the day of rest never encountered the Scaries. The Sunday Scaries are that feeling of dread that encompasses you on a Sunday, when you realize that the majority of the weekend is behind you, and that you basically have dinner and a TV show left before another long, 5-day span of emails, to-do lists, and anxiety begins. Besides causing you to feel awful, the Scaries prevent you from fully enjoying your time off and being present. Not to mention, they cause you to start your week off on the wrong foot. 

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You deserve to live happily without dreading the week ahead. In short: it’s time to get your Sundays back. So, who better to provide advice on doing so than working women who have stared down the Sunday Scaries themselves and lived to tell the tale? Here’s how five busy women beat the Sunday Scaries and get ready for the week ahead.  

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Alex Castle, first female Master Distiller in Tennessee at Old Dominick Distillery

“I start with just enjoying Sunday as much as possible…hang out with friends, hit up a brewery or two, watch Netflix or read all day…really just distract myself for as long as possible! Then, when I can’t delay thinking about Monday any longer, I create a list of everything that needs to be accomplished that week and prioritize it. I check my calendar and make sure I know everything that I am obligated to do so I am not caught off guard or overwhelmed. And finally, I remind myself that it’s just another work week and that I can handle anything that is thrown at me; I really believe in the power of positive thought!” 

Jennifer Young, CMO of Austin-based RV and trailer rental company Outdoorsy

“Sunday morning is the one morning I let myself sleep in. My maltipoo, Lucy, is the first to greet me with a confused look and the leash dangling from her mouth. Getting outside first thing in the morning is so beneficial for my mental clarity and how I approach the day ahead. Sometimes my fiancé (and Outdoorsy’s CEO and co-founder, Jeff Cavins) will practice the guitar while I cook, which sets a calm vibe — and serves as a nice screen-time break for both of us before the hectic work week begins. I always make time to FaceTime with my mom before I go to bed. She lives in Canada, so it’s nice to see her face and laugh for a bit — just to be transported for a half hour is honestly so cathartic and refreshing. It makes me feel grounded and reminds me that family is what really matters most above work and everything else. I definitely carry that feeling with me into Monday morning.” 

Sarah-Jane (S.J). Kurtini, Founder and Head of Product Marketing at NYC-based family album app, Tinybeans

“My biggest tip is to block out time on Friday to tie up loose ends on any outstanding projects and tasks you have. Going into the weekend without any anxiety at the back of your mind will mean you have a more relaxing weekend and don’t have to worry about starting the following week without a plan. I leave the office on a Friday with an empty inbox, which soothes my mind. The most important (but also the hardest one to change overnight!) is to do what you love. The Sunday Scaries were the most intense for me when I didn’t enjoy my work, and the thought of another five days at my desk was soul-destroying.”

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Shanna A. Hocking, Associate Vice President, Individual Giving, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Each night, I write down three things I am grateful for. Keeping the daily gratitude list reminds me of all the beautiful, wonderful things in my life—which makes it hard for any kind of negative emotions or worries to be present. Of course, this also helps with the Sunday Scaries, Monday Scaries, Tuesday Scaries, and so on, as well.”

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Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie, a Balanced Mindset and Mental Wellness Expert

“To beat the Sunday Scaries, I tell myself, ‘tomorrow will come, but until it does it is not yet a reality.’ The negative words we say to ourselves and the negative thoughts we have impact our mood. When I focused so much on how much I hated or dreaded Mondays, my Sundays became miserable and un-enjoyable. Now, I try to stay focused in the now and present with whatever I’m doing that day: enjoying my kids, watching a movie, spending time with friends, etc. If my mind wanders to ask what Monday will look like, I redirect my thoughts and say, ‘no. I’m enjoying today.’ 

I also turn off all work emails and notifications on my phone once I pull into my driveway on Friday, and I don’t look at them until Monday morning at work. I make sure not to talk about things related to work or about any deadlines I have coming up. I am mindful of my words and what I allow myself to think about. I take a nice relaxing bath on Sunday evening, listen to soothing music, and laugh with my husband before bedtime.”

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Sarah Fielding is a freelance writer based in New York and the co-founder of Empire Coven, a space for highlighting trailblazing women across New York. She covers a range of topics, with a special focus on mental health and female empowerment, and her work has appeared at Bustle, INSIDER, Men’s Health, Healthline, Fashionista, Elite Daily, HuffPost, Dorsia, Invisible People, Matador Network, NYLON, and OZY. Find her on Instagram @sarahfielding_ Read more of Sarah's posts.

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