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How to Look Like You Care—Even When You Don’t

July 12, 2019 | Filed in: Your Closet

There are days when we all wake up feeling, well, gross. Maybe you have an emotional hangover—you had a fight with a friend, you’re stressed about work, or you can’t shake a case of the Mondays even though it’s now Thursday. Or maybe you have an actual hangover.

Whatever’s up, sometimes you’ve just got to fake it—and that’s where clothes and accessories come in. To help, we’ve rounded up pieces that will mask your “mehs,” using minimal effort to maximum effect when you need it most.

The magic blazer.

Don’t ask us how the wizardry works. Somehow, slipping into a blazer on a blah day pulls together whatever else you’re wearing. A fitted option like the Ross makes your choice of jeans and a tee look like a highly considered fashion statement. A longer-line look, like the tuxedo-inspired Dietrich jacket, elevates anything you’re wearing underneath. Presto, chango: Pulled together. 

The earrings-as-distraction trick.

Jewelry might be the last thing on your mind when you feel like a slug. It’s also a simple way to shine up an outfit. Reach for an elegant white top like the bib-style Nichols and add glam earrings (we’re in love with the Lyndhurst style, but anything that makes a statement works for this wardrobe hack). One swipe of red lipstick later and you’ll be doing a great impersonation of someone greeting the day with a winning attitude. 

The oh-so-comfortable pants.

The jury is in—leggings are not pants, so even on your roughest mornings, they can’t be your go-to bottoms. The good news is the Foster pant feel a lot like leggings, but they transcend the category: They hug your body like your favorite yoga pants and make you feel sleek and secure. But, thanks to the structured fabric, they’re office-appropriate. Add a pair of low heels and no one will suspect that you feel like you’re wearing athleisure. 

The one-and-done dress.

Every woman should have at least one comfortable dress in her closet that she can grab when she needs to be chic. If your daily vibe is more casual, that dress might be cotton shirt-inspired, like the Gigi. If you fall on the suit side of the spectrum, a pop of color can do wonders for an icky mood—and the Hitchcock heroine-esque Candice dress might help turn your spirits around. If not, you’ll at least look sunnier. Sometimes that’s all we can ask for, right? 

The all-one-color ensemble.

The Allie top and the Chester pant.

Jumpsuits may be trending right now, but let’s be real: No one likes to strip down when they hit the bathroom. Monochrome dressing solves that problem and makes pulling together a polished outfit a cinch. The Allie top in stretch linen is one step beyond your most comfortable robe. Pair it with the matching Chester pant, both in blueberry, and you’ll look like a million bucks, even if you feel like pennies in a coin purse. 

The summery skirt.

Sometimes we can shift our mood with a simple style trick: Dress for the day you wish you were going to have. One way to do that, especially on a gorgeous sunny day, is to slip on a flowy skirt, like the lovely Willoughby in pale blue chambray. Pair it with a simple tank or a matching top and take your lunch break outside for a dose of Vitamin D.

The culottes that work wonders.

In summer, the combination of swampy temperatures and intermittent air conditioning makes it hard to plan your outfits. That’s where culottes come in. Wide leg means proper ventilation and modern silhouette. Slightly cropped length means seasonally appropriate but still office ready. Pair them with a boatneck tank in the same palette to double down on the faux-jumpsuit fashion, or with a casual lightweight tee. And you never know: Maybe some of these tricks will transform your day for real.