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Get a First Look: The 2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
Seven fresh styling rules that define how we’re dressing in 2024.

Everything our customers love about our clothing starts with our co-founders: two sophisticated women with very different approaches to fashion. Our CEO, Sarah LaFleur, got her start in consulting and founded M.M. because she couldn’t find work clothes that were high-quality, affordable, and actually comfortable (let alone machine-washable). Our Chief Creative Officer, Miyako Nakamura, is an artist at heart and comes from a high-fashion background. When you meld Sarah’s focus on functionality and practicality with Miyako’s eye for elegant design, you get M.M.LaFleur.

Each January, Sarah and Miyako work together to present The Founders’ Seven: a new collection based on the seven styling rules that will define M.M.’s approach to dressing in the year ahead. Below, get a first look at the new collection and the styling tools we’re embracing.

Overlaid text: DO suit yourself, every day of the week. Image: woman wearing green suit lying on the floor stretching one leg in the air and smiling, white floor and wall
PSA: Your tailored power pieces are fun at parties, too.
woman on left is wearing green check plaid skirt suit and black flats; woman on right wearing green check plaid pants and a green suit jacket with black heels
green check plaid skirt suit
DO make 2024 the year of the high-rise, wide-leg pant
high-waisted pants and white T-shirts
Styles like the Milo jean and Bia pant sit at the crossroads of visual impact and comfort. 
DO cultivate your bird-like attraction to shiny objects.
Buy the giant earrings. Wear silk on a Monday. Make life shinier.
gold hoop earring

Earrings coming soon.

washable silk tank top, wide black belt with gold buckle, and green check plaid pants
Overlaid text: DO bare some skin and show off, because YOLO (we’re bringing that back)
Life’s short. Might as well make it sexy.
mmlafleur sleeveless ivory vest-dress
mmlafleur taupe washable silk tank top, with green check plaid blazer
DO wear your greens: the color of money, four-leaf clovers, and those pretty Parisian chairs
Bold and bright, yet totally timeless (just ask a tree).
black jacket and black turtleneck with green pants | 2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
green suit jacket | 2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
black turtleneck and black jacket and green pants | 2024 Founders’ Seven Collection
Because in 2024, more is more.
DO make striking design details the main character of your wardrobe.
Versatile doesn’t have to mean basic.

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