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The M Dash

Live with purpose.

Let’s do a quick thought experiment. You’re redecorating, and you realize you need a new painting for the wall above the fireplace. How do you fill the blank space? Do you dream up a new masterpiece and break out the oil paints? Or do you commission a piece from an artist you admire? Maybe you go into research mode and source a painting, or maybe you “borrow” something with a few clever moves.

Your answer may change every day, and that’s kind of the point. We encourage you to choose your own adventure—to experiment with different perspectives and dream up the person you want to be today. To help you along your way, in this collection, you’ll find numerous textures, a diverse array of silhouettes, and thoughtful new developments. There are stretchy, vegan-leather leggings; a weather-proof jacket that fits into a compact portable bag; indulgent cashmeres; sharp yet soft suits; and more.

We hope these pieces inspire you to be the main character of your own story and prepare you for whatever you decide is next—your next outfit, your next move, your next trick.

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