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You Don’t Have To Be a Woman To Be a Feminist. Emma Watson Explains.

September 23, 2014

Emma Watson has always been cool—from her Hermione days to that time she decided to wear pants under her Dior gown. (We’re into it.)

But this week, she knocked our socks off when she took the stage at the UN to speak some truth about what feminism really means: gender equality. This may not be news to the well-informed MM woman, but in most corners of the world, this idea needs to be championed. With her HeforShe campaign, Emma is doing just that.

Her speech is well worth watching (and sharing!) if you haven’t yet seen it.

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Tory Hoen is the author of the novel The Arc. She spent five years as the Creative Director of Brand at M.M.LaFleur (where she founded The M Dash!) and has written for New York Magazine, Vogue Fortune, Bon Appétit, and Condé Nast Traveler. Read more of Tory's posts.

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