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1 Piece, 3 Cities: How MM Stylists Wear Our Pieces From Coast to Coast

November 10, 2018 | Filed in: Your Closet

All dress codes are not created equal: While a full suit might be the norm in Washington, D.C., anything other than jeans would be considered formal for many professionals in Denver. No one understands the nuances of dressing for work in different cities better than our showroom stylists—so we challenged three of them to style one piece from our collection for a woman in their city. First up: the Peggy top in black, styled by Kaely Butterfield from San Francisco, Taylor Tye from Houston, and Cassie Santiago in Philadelphia—all modeled by team member Jordan Nuckolls in our New York headquarters.

Kaely styled Jordan in the Peggy top, the Foster pant, the Oliver jacket, and the Single Bezel necklace.

How would you describe typical San Francisco style?

San Francisco is very casual compared to what I’ve seen in other cities. A lot of people here take public transportation and travel to different places within the Bay Area, so layers are important—the temperature can change dramatically from place to place and hour to hour.  

What industries do your customers work in?

Most of them work in tech, consulting, or marketing. They’re usually looking to elevate their current wardrobes, whether their offices are casual or business casual. They want pieces that can be easily paired with jeans but also dressed up with a pair of slacks. Their priorities are items that are travel-friendly, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. I love to show them how versatile our dresses can be. For example, the Aditi dress can be worn with a blazer to make a suit, or easily dressed down with a jean jacket and flats.

What makes this outfit work?

I styled the Peggy with a layer over it because the temperature in San Francisco changes so much throughout the day. This outfit can be worn without the Oliver jacket for a more casual vibe—with the jacket, it becomes more elevated. I paired these pieces with the Foster pants, which are a San Francisco favorite: They’re stretchy, comfortable, and can be dressed up and down.

Taylor styled Jordan in the Peggy top, the Surrey skirt, the Morandi sweater, and the Single Bezel necklace.

How would you describe typical Houston style?

Houston isn’t a very formal city; people generally only dress up for work. It’s often muggy and humid, so layering is key—it’s not uncommon to be sweating outdoors and then freezing from the AC when you come inside. People here like to dress in seasonal color palettes, even though it doesn’t get very cold, so in the winter you’ll see people wearing darker shades, but in fabrics that aren’t too heavy. 

What industries do your customers work in?

Many of them work in the oil and gas industry, law, or consulting. These are conservative fields, but there are a few rules for dressing that I like to encourage customers to break. For example, many think that they shouldn’t pair black and navy together, but I think it’s one of the easiest and most elegant color combinations to wear. 

What makes this outfit work?

This is a slightly formal look for Houston, but because the Peggy and Morandi are knits, it’s still relaxed. You can wear the Peggy on its own if it’s hot outside, and put the Morandi back on when you get into your freezing office. My customers typically shy away from wool, since Houston can get so warm, so the sharkskin fabric of the Surrey skirt is a great alternative: It has a fall/winter vibe but still feels lightweight and breathable. Since the skirt has a longer hem, it creates an hourglass shape that flatters the waist. 

Cassie styled Jordan in the Peggy top, the Noho skirt, the Woolf jardigan, and the Single Bezel necklace.

How would you describe typical Philadelphia style?

In general, Philly dress codes are business casual, but people aren’t afraid to add a fashion-forward touch to their outfit. People here wear a lot of black, but are also generally open to color and prints

What industries do your customers work in?

Law is a big industry here, so you see a lot of suits downtown. Practicality is key for my customers: They want no-fuss silhouettes and layers that can be easily put on and taken off. Many are also looking for pieces that are true investments—they want to know all the different ways they can wear a single garment to ensure they’re getting the full value

What makes this outfit work?

When I show customers the Peggy top, I always talk about how versatile it is: It can be worn as a shell underneath a top layer, as it’s styled here with the Woolf jardigan, or worn on its own. It has enough coverage to wear by itself without feeling scandalous, but not so much fabric that you feel bulky—it’s just simple and elegant. I really like it with the jacquard fabric of the Noho skirt, which has nice structure, and the blue tones of the skirt add a subtle hint of color.

We think the Peggy looks just lovely in any city—try it for yourself, or book an appointment to work with one of our expert stylists.

Photographs by Yan Ruan, with styling by Kaely Butterfield, Taylor Tye, and Cassie Santiago.