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A Day in the Life of the MM Woman

September 17, 2014

The Classic shirt, Dip-dye scarf, Bezel earrings

Just like there is no typical day, there is no typical MM woman. One thing we know: She’s a person of many dimensions, interests, and responsibilities. She can make her colleagues think around the conference table; she can make her friends laugh around the dinner table. She’ll spend one night at the opera, and the next rocking out to Beyoncé in the mirror. She’s intensely focused—but loves getting distracted, now and again.

This is what a day in her life might look like.

Shop the Niko in aubergine. (The pup’s not for sale—sorry!) Shop the Annie in royal blue, the single bezel necklace, and the five stone bracelet.

Shop the Rachel in raspberry and the Narie in kalamata.

Shop the Sarah in peacock, the Crisscross ring, and the Rachel in raspberry.

Shop the Etsuko in black and the Sant Ambroeus.

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