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CEO Style: Sarah LaFleur’s Fall Wardrobe – Part 2

October 31, 2014

Sarah in the Rachel Crêpe.

Our CEO Sarah is not one to bask in the limelight, but when she looks this good, we often force her to. And that’s especially true when blogger and photographer Jenny Liu is in town to capture the fabulousness as it unfolds.

Below, Sarah styles the Rachel Crêpe for a panel appearance followed by a night out at a friend’s gallery opening. (Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 3 of Sarah’s fall wardrobe here).

“There’s something about this dress that’s just so luxurious. It’s made from the same wool crêpe that you’d typically find in a $2,500 dress, but our version is actually affordable! Even more importantly, it’s comfortable. The lining feels like your favorite worn-in t-shirt.”

“It’s interesting—this dress is sexy but also totally work-appropriate. On this day, I wore it with a blazer to a panel where I was speaking, and then on its own to an art opening in the evening. I love that it’s a neutral color but, because white is unexpected at this time of year, it still stands out.”

“Here, I paired it with my everyday watch, my single bezel necklace, drop earrings, a black pavé ring, an old Zara clutch, and a pair of Céline shoes. And this silk scarf is really the perfect accessory. You can throw it over anything for a hit of instant elegance.”

Ready for a little winter white? Shop Sarah’s look here and here.

All photos by Jenny Liu

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