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Business Time: Sarah Lets Us in on a Sparkly Family Secret

June 04, 2014

MM.LaFleur jewelry

It’s Wednesday, which means just one thing—it’s Business Time! Below, Sarah LaFleur, CEO of MM.LaFleurshares what’s on her mind this week.

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Over the years, my mother has taught me a lot about style, but if there’s one subject where class is still in session, it’s how to wear jewelry. Jewels are tricky business. When I was recently back in Tokyo for a friend’s wedding, my mother spent an hour in front of the mirror showing me how to mix and match different earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and broaches to complement my outfit.

mm.lafleur jewelry

Sarah’s mom, Mémé LaFleur. 

For the wedding, I had picked a pair of simple studs to go with my dress, to which my mother said, “Now that’s just rude. It’s her wedding—you have to wear something more splendid.” I hadn’t imagined that wearing plain jewelry to a friend’s wedding would be rude, but my mother was always a firm believer in TPO: time, place, occasion. “Sad jewelry,” as she called my studs, had no place at a wedding.

mm.lafleur jewelry

My mother, who is the CEO of a jeweler, has always said that accessories are where fashion counts: Everyone has to wear clothes, but no one has to wear jewelry. Accessories are a sign of effort and consideration, and if you wear them well, great style.

When it comes to the workplace, jewelry is even trickier. I once sat through a “how to dress for work” session at my previous corporate job where one of the managers on the panel pooh-poohed the statement necklace. She thought something “so large” was inappropriate for the workplace. (I happen to think big, chunky necklaces go beautifully with a plain collared shirt, but to each her own.)

Our decision to begin offering jewelry this week at MM.LaFleur is part of our dream to bring ease to workplace fashion. Indeed, statement necklaces can be tricky to wear to work on a daily basis, but beautiful, classic sparkles are timeless and go with most everything in your closet.

mm.lafleur jewelry

We sourced our stones from my mother’s company, and she exclusively selected the ones that she thought most befit the modern-day professional woman. The jewels are made of real gold and simulated diamonds.

mm.lafleur jewelry

What are simulated diamonds, you ask? They look just like real diamonds, except they’re produced in a lab. They’re conflict-free and environmentally friendly, and best of all, they’re affordable. I’ve been wearing mine for the past five years, day in and day out, knowing they will go with everything I wear.

mm.lafleur jewelry

I hope you love wearing these pieces as much as I do. I feel like I’m sharing a family secret with you all, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

– Sarah

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