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mmlafleur best mother's day gifts

The Eight Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Snag from Our Sale

What to get for the new mom, the mom who already has everything, and more.

By Madeleine Kim

I’m a last-minute gift-shopper, and it’s a lifestyle that I strongly do not recommend. I always end up with something really good in the end, but never without a frantic shopping session that feels akin to cramming for a test, and rarely without paying extra for expedited shipping. Mother’s Day is just two weeks away, so this is your official reminder to avoid following in my footsteps and get your gifts today. And because my personal procrastination style is “productive,” I’ve put together a handy gift guide for you (instead of getting ahead of my own shopping list). 

Whether you’re shopping for your own mother or mother figure, a new mom, or someone who finds this holiday difficult and could use a little treat, there’s something for you on this list. And now is *the* time to get it done, not only so you can avoid the aforementioned stress-shopping and overnight-shipping nightmare, but also because we’re having a Friends and Family Sale, and everything on this list is currently 20% off with code FRIENDSANDFAM.

Shop the full Mother’s Day gift guide here.

for the new mom

The Snyder and Mini Snyder Jackets

($148 $375) | ($32 $80)

Two things every new mom deserves: extreme comfort and a million adorable photos of her baby. Get her a Snyder sweater and the matching mini version, and she’ll feel cozier than ever as she conducts her at-home photoshoot.

mmlafleur best mother's day gifts
The Evangeline Jardigan

for the working mom

The Evangeline Jardigan

($284 $355)

Looks like a vintage tweed jacket. Feels like a sweater. The Evangeline jardigan will instantly become her most-worn work jacket—and her go-to for special occasions.

For the cool mom

The Choe Top

($156 $195)

She’s not a regular mom—she’s a cool mom. And she’s never been one to back down from a bold style option. The checkered Choe top feels of-the-moment without being overly trendy, and she can wear it with anything from jeans to the matching checkered skirt.

mmlafleur The Choe Top
mmlafleur The Moreland Jacket

For the mom who’s always on the go

The Moreland Jacket

($268 $335)

The Moreland jacket is kind of like secret athleisure. It looks like a classic, tailored blazer—but it’s machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and incredibly lightweight. The only issue is that once you get her one Moreland, she’s going to want it in at least three more colors.

For the practical mom

The Antonia Top

($156 $195)

She’ll compliment your intricately patterned silk top all day, but in her own wardrobe, what she really wants is versatility, ease, and as little fuss as possible. We get it. She’ll like the asymmetrical cut and elegant silhouette of the Antonia—but what she’ll love is the fact that it’s machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, and odor resistant. Win, win, win.

The Antonia Top
The Icon Print Anniversary Scarf

For the mom who already has everything

The Icon Print Anniversary Scarf

($156 $195)

You could get her another cashmere sweater, but you’d just be adding to an already ample collection. For the mom who already has (almost) everything, special, limited-edition items are the way to go. Try our elegant, black-and-white silk scarf, designed to celebrate our ten-year anniversary. We only made a handful, and once they’re gone, they won’t be restocked.

For the person who doesn’t love Mother’s Day

The Lennon Earrings

($76 $95)

Maybe you have someone in your life for whom Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday. If you want to give her a little pick-me-up, fun statement earrings like the Lennons are a no-brainer: They’ll instantly liven up her outfits, they’ll always fit, and, most importantly, they’ll let her know you’re thinking of her.

The Lennon Earrings
The Frederick Sweater best mothers day gifts

For the mother figure who stepped up

The Frederick Sweater

($260 $325)

Mother’s Day is about more than just actual moms. If there’s a woman who’s served as a mother figure for you, she deserves to be celebrated. The alpaca Frederick sweater is like a hug in clothing form (but don’t forget to give her a real hug, too).

Shop the full Mother’s Day gift guide here.

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Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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