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A July 4th Note from M.M.

July 04, 2013


Are you ready for a bit of melodramatic patriotism?

I am American, but I grew up overseas. Even after moving to the States I spent part of my career with entrepreneurs in a refugee camp in Zambia, and then in South Africa. Through all of these experiences abroad, I’ve witnessed how challenging (and even heart-breaking) it can be to start a business in other parts of the world.

It’s been two years since we started working on MM.LaFleur and six months since we launched our website. Now, more than ever, we feel so grateful to have started a business in America.

At a time where there is so much instability in the world, we have the fortune of knowing that our fabric will get through customs if we submit the proper paperwork (as opposed to bribing some unscrupulous bureaucrat). We know that anyone on our all-female team can negotiate terms with our manufacturers (as opposed to being represented by a male). The mere fact that we can run an e-commerce business—a model that intrinsically relies on regular and affordable access to the internet—is something to celebrate.

And perhaps, the most intangible luxury of all: Americans don’t laugh in your face when you tell them you’re quitting your corporate job to start a company in an industry you’ve never worked in before. Instead, they say, “Amazing.”

So for that, and for so many more reasons, we feel lucky to be here in America.

Happy Fourth to all!


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Sarah LaFleur is the founder and CEO of professional womenswear brand MM.LaFleur . Her mission: to take the work out of dressing for work. Read more of Sarah's posts.

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