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6 Wardrobe Statements that Will Get You Promoted

June 11, 2015

Whether you’re a first-time intern or a presidential candidate, your wardrobe matters. Once you’ve established your core uniform, it’s time to get a little bit audacious. There are certain items that will instantly elevate your look from appropriate to fabulous.

Among professional women, it’s understood that these pieces represent serious style added without detracting from your professionalism. You don’t have to wait until you make your first million to buy them, but they might help you get there.


1. Printed pumps.

A sophisticated animal print or colorful pattern can make an otherwise neutral outfit look totally fresh.

2. A modern blazer.

Keep the cut professional, but play with a subtle pattern or an atypical fabric. What’s sleeker than an ivory linen blazer for summer? Nothing, that’s what.

3. A coat with a point of view.

Look for a beautifully tailored coat with a dominant design detail (a dramatic collar, a belted waist) or an unexpected color (aubergine, forest green).


4. A fur cowl, collar, or stole.

In the fall and winter, a subtle hint of fur (or faux fur!) will make any outfit feel instantly glamorous.

5. A classic watch.

Round or square, inherited or self-gifted, a beautiful watch will make you feel “done,” even if it’s the only accessory you wear.


6. A luxurious scarf.

One of those silk Hermès numbers can make you look mega-classy, even when you’re in jeans and a t-shirt. (Discount retailers like Century 21 and Gilt frequently have these on sale.)

For more advice on how to outfit yourself for the office, check out Wear to Work: A Guide to Building Your Ultimate Professional Uniform, from which this post was excerpted.

Illustrations by Iga Gawronska

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