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Seven Looks That Will Define Women’s Fashion in 2023

Plus, get a sneak peek at our first new collection of the year.

By Madeleine Kim

2023 marks M.M.LaFleur’s 10-year anniversary—and it’s only fitting that our first collection of the year embodies the Power Casual design ethos that our founders have been developing over the past decade. The magic of M.M. has always come from the complementary perspectives that our co-founders bring to the table: Our Chief Creative Officer, Miyako, has a high-fashion background and mastery of elegant design; our CEO, Sarah, brings a practical approach and a focus on functionality. The result is beautiful yet comfortable pieces that you can wear anywhere—and the styles in this collection are no exception.

To create this collection, we harnessed the knowledge we’ve been building over the past 10 years, drawing from tried-and-true silhouettes, customer-favorite fabrics, and essentials that have been proven to stand the test of time. A new year is an opportunity to rethink your wardrobe, so we’ve used these pieces to create seven outfit concepts that demonstrate how we’re dressing in 2023. Think of The Founders’ Seven like a style cheat sheet—an easy way to look chic with minimal effort. Here are the seven outfit concepts that will define women’s fashion this year.

1. Casual-ify your suits with an unexpected color.

The powerful feeling that comes from wearing a great suit doesn’t have to be reserved for those who work in business-formal offices. Take those same tailored silhouettes, but wear them in a bold, bright color, and your outfit gets a whole new feel. Maybe you’ll try a boyfriend blazer and classic trousers in a chambray-like blue-and-ivory blend. Perhaps you’ll swap your white button-down for a clementine-colored tank. Or maybe you’ll even wear them all together. We say, go for it.

2. Widen your pant horizons.

Trends come and go, but great pants are forever. At M.M., we don’t believe in declaring certain silhouettes “in” or “out.” Rather, we think you should have a wide variety of shapes in your wardrobe to expand your styling options. That’s why, with this collection, we’ve made our long-time best-selling Foster pants in a new, fully tapered cut. Want to try a wide-leg pant? We recommend the Horton and the Milo. Looking for a classic straight leg? The Mejia and Smith fit the bill. This year, we encourage you to broaden your pant horizons—and if you’re not sure how to wear a new silhouette, just ask our stylists.

3. Embrace the 4:1 proportion.

This one’s for the math people: According to Miyako, styling your outfit based on a 4:1 ratio is an easy way to look chic. There are many ways to achieve the look: Wear a tunic-style top with a short skirt or shorts; wear long, high-waisted pants with a fitted top, tucked in; wear a midi-length dress with a cropped sweater on top. However you go about it, the result is a dynamic look that sets you apart from the crowd.

4. Find your prints charming.

Opting for a colorful print is an easy way to inject some joy into your outfit. Designed in celebration of our ten-year anniversary, our icon print represents where we came from—and where we’re going: It’s an abstract depiction of a woman with an idea. Try it in the washable silk Didion top (an old M.M. favorite revived by popular demand), Vicky tank (an easy-to-pair underpinning), and Alesia dress (the clothing equivalent of a fabulous vacation).

5. Go boxy and cropped.

Oversized pieces are undeniably chic, but some women find them difficult to style. The solution: Opt for styles that are both boxy and cropped to achieve the look without feeling like your clothes are overwhelming your frame. Jackets like the Lilia and Nicky fit the bill. For an extra bit of proportion play, try wearing them over longer tops.

6. Mix sharp with soft.

Often, the trick to styling a great outfit is all about balancing sharp and soft elements. Try pairing a tailored blazer with a floaty scarf; offsetting a breezy silk top with crisp jeans; or softening a suit with a pastel underpinning.

7. Have fun with flare.

If we had to pick one new year’s resolution, it would be to have more fun getting dressed. This year, we’re embracing pieces with a bit of flare (and a whole lot of flair)—from the Merritt jardigan and its flared sleeves to the Alesia dress and its flowy A-line skirt.

Written By

Madeleine Kim

Madeleine Kim is the Senior Brand Manager at M.M.LaFleur, where she started out as a stylist. She loves developing styling-focused content and creating newsletters that bring the M.M. community together.

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